Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So this morning I on the bus. The service improvements like they actually happening cause the bus was half full. Anyway a few stops down the road this lady and her child get on the bus. Now cant say for sure how old the child is. I'm thinking 4 is the max although he was barely bigger than my two year old which is what brought him to my attention.

Actually to be honest I wasn't paying attention when they got on. I was reading and then I see this lil' chile in a bright jacket head straight for the back of the bus, unaccompanied, and climb the two steps into the back of the bus and went and sit down in the seat right at the back, the tall one where even my legs duz dangle sometimes.

So this catch my interest so I look up waiting to see a parent come bounding up the steps after him.. I'm watching this child for a few minutes and realize no body aint come to sit down with the chile at all. So I searching the bus cause I figured oh maybe the parent get caught up at the front looking for bus tickets or change or something. Umm nope. Looked up and saw the mother sitting down well and comfortable in the front seat of the bus paying absolutely no attention to the chile.

So we have chile under 4 all the way at the back of the bus legs dangling sitting down. And I know he under 4 maybe even under 3 cause he was walking in that unsteady rocking sort of way that toddlers walk especially when they are in their winter boots. And ya have mother sitting down at the front of the bus not a care in the world.

Aright well it aint like this particular bus full of the lawless school children as is the usual this time of morning so it wasn't so bad but to me I'm like why would I let my toddler go sit down all the way at the back of the bus without me. I don't care how independent the chile is or supposed to be, I figured at any moment she would come and drag he tail back to the front of the bus, call him and tell him to come sit down with her or at least come down in the back and sit with the chile.

No whole bus trip chile sit down by himself in the back, mother in the front until the mother was ready to get off and she come an take him with her.

I aint know but to me that is juss lawlessness on her part. Is not like we in a car or something, you in the bus. Public transit! I aint saying the people on the bus worse than the people in cars but you dont know the people in the bus. They are strangers. Place could be full of all sort of kidnappers, chile molesters, criminals. You dont know so you should keep ya chile close at hand.

And it aint to say the mother looked like one of these silly young wild girls dat aint know nuttin. She was dressed decent an she look like she in her thirties so ya cant use the he young and don't know excuse.

Boy these Canadian people duz boggle my mind sometimes.


GC said...

I'm going to be optimistic and say she was planning to take him into a bathroom later and TAN HIS HIDE for that. Some parents just give you enough rope to hang yourself while they are watching you from the corner of their eye.
How's that for optimistic?

r-dean said...

That is so not safe. If that bus was to stop short - as they do- that child could go flying!

Radmila said...

There is a new parenting style going around. It's this whole idea that children should have choice.
That they should have a say in how and what they want to do.
I've had a parent tell me that she lets her child have only cookies for lunch because "that's all he'll eat" and it's "better that he's eating anything, than not eating at all".
It's misguided, and lazy.
Remember the case of the woman whose child injured himself in Walmart because he was running wild in the store?
She sued the though it wasn't her responsibility to watch him.
But listen, that woman would be the first to scream about safety of the TTC if something happened to her child.
Nothing is anyone's responsibility anymore.

titilayo said...

Your little one is two already? It feels just last month you were posting about becoming a daddy. Time is flying, yes?

Long said...

children should have choices; we are raising human beings not cattle. What those choices are will be shaped by the parents. This woman is far too trusting of Canada. No child of mine is sitting in the back while I'm in the front and can't see them. Knowing that your child would not get off the bus by himself or would call out if being bothered is fine; you don't need to invite the madness by leaving him unattended. That's just stupid behavior. You should have said something, like "does that child in the back belong to anybody on this bus?" and embarass her into action.