Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Follow up

(1) Ok so now we know what OBAY is all about.
Its actually an ad for the Ontario Colleges. Great promotion I think but as my bredren say not as cool as new Diamond Shreddies lol.

Oh and for anyone who is disappointed by this revelation that Obay isn't real don't despair Liks is definitely real.


Actually courtesy of my boy poeza we have added a new product to the Liks line. We call it "THE LOOK". It can take the place of Liks if you don't have the time for Liks or ya out in public and you dont want anyone to see you using Liks. The Look can be used as a stand alone product or as a precursor to Liks. Unlike Liks we dont offer a guarantee on the Look though.

(2) A 16 year old bank robber was arrested here yesterday. 16 years old?? blouse n skirt! As another friend of mine was saying this morning, when we were 16 the worse we were doing was stealing Pepsi bottles for a 25 cent refund at the school cafeteria not trying to take $150Gs from a bank while armed. Damn

(3) I found this rather ironic. The 21 year old son of the publisher of Today's Parent was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in jail for drug dealing and weapons possession. If ya not familiar with Today's Parent its a magazine for parents giving them suggestions and tips on raising their kids.

Of course give him two pounds of blow and a glock 19 isn't one of the suggestions they give and I don't think they've published a story on "the 10 ways to increase the efficiency of cooking your crack"and hopefully likely never will yet I just saw this story and had a "but wait you mean she giving people advice on how to raise dem children an she chile is a criminal getting lock up?" moment. Sorry it just doesn't help the credibility for me. Others I know disagree with me cause they say she is only the publisher but I say if ya telling people how to raise their children and yours turn out this way I would really got to question the advice ya duz give.

(4) Quick celebrity post from the you got to be a idiot file. I wasn't really following this whole Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards storyline but apparently they were in court again because she wants their two kids to be on a reality show and he says no way. I didn't really follow all of it but I thought well maybe Charlie was onto something. Then I was reading a brief article on the subway the other day and realize that Denise Richards' argument is that the children said they want to be in the reality show and she wants to do what they want. Court sided with her too and she won.

Is only then I realize that these clearly rational decision making children are ages 2 and 3. What kinda eediat ting dat? You going to let your 2 and 3 year old decide that they want to be in a reality show? What madness is that?


Crankyputz said...

I honestly had no idea what Obhay was all about....

Radmila said...

I was listening to the radio this morning and the discussion was around a study done with under 20's. Apparently, the concept of "grateful" was lost on them. However, they were quite vocal on the things that they didn't have.
Denise Richardson's parenting style fertilizes a feeling of entitlement that grows adults with little empathy for others and a healthy "it's all about me" take on things.

These are the people who will have your and my old age in their hands.
Poor us.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Obay ad's circulating in brampton now.

The "look" can be very, very effective! lol.

You know the saying, "Do as I say, not as I do". It applies far and wide. We now what 'right' is, but we don't always do it - even when we're preaching it to someone else.

["shaking my head ]saw the bank robber clip on cp24. i was definitely shocked at that.

Leon said...

What's Obay about? I know it's a parody of Olay but no more. What's with this generation of children and these idiot parents and letting their kids make the decisions for them, then bawl when they bruk out.

Campfyah said...

I tell yuh, if yuh need a US distributor fuh Liks n Looks I cud help yuh out.

As fuh de child ah Today Parenting, de editor musse did too busy trying tuh rise de ranks ah de magazine world and leff de child tuh fend for dah was de result as it is wid most ah deese hight profile corporate people.Too busy wid other people children and fuget dem own.

Denise Richardson and Charlie is TV people..need I say more

aquababie said...

my moma had "the look" down. she did this thing with her eyes. they would literally move around, i kid you not. i knew not to even go near her!

i hope to accomplish the look by the time i drop a young one :)

GC said...

how do Denise Richards children even know what tv is? Can they talk?

maybe the publisher of Parents Today started the magazine because she was seeking ways to raise children right. It's like how a sufferer of a disease might start a charity for it.

Campfyah has found a really great catchphrase for your disciplinary line. Liks N Looks! lol.

Radmila said...

The situation with the Editor of the Parenting Magazine is just further proof that parenting is mostly a crapshoot.

I've seen parents who kill themselves to do right by their kids have fail miserably at producing decent adults...and I've seen right shitty parents produce stellar adults.
Obviously, common sense parenting is the key...but, personality traits come into play as well.

It's all how everything is internalized by the child.
Good intentions can produce bad product and vice versa.

There is no self-help book that can fix this.