Monday, July 29, 2013

Shoe shopping

So Saturday I was doing what has apparently become my latest hobby......looking for shoes for my mother.

She's very picky because certain types of shoes dont work well with her feet so in the past two months I've basically went from novice to less of a  novice on women's shoes. Yea not something for the old resume but it is what it is. I looking for flats with straps with such and such and the toes out and this and that an this color and rah rah rah and yes she is very picky.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Usually I'm a bit of a news junkie. From the mundane to the important I like to know whats happening just because, well because I think I'm wired that way. I grew up in a household where from early I saw my dad bring home the newspaper every morning when he returned from his morning sea baths and would sit at the breakfast table reading through the top stories before he headed off to work. When I got older I'd share that paper with him, my interest being mainly in the sports page but perusing the occasional big headline.  We'd also religiously watch the 7'o'clock news. Needed to know what was happening.

This continued until I left home but at University inundated with all the new knowledge they threw at me I strayed away from my newspaper and news regime until one day I was kind of embarrassed when speaking to my parents back in Barbados my dad said "oh so Canada has a new prime minister" (this being when Kim Campbell had taken over for Brian Mulroney) and I had no clue that this had happened over a week ago.

To me it was like my dad over there in Barbados knows more than I do about whats happening over here and I'm over here. Never again I said, got to keep up with the news even if I'm drowning with school work. Since then I've made a conscious effort to know whats happening, my efforts greatly assisted now that everything is available almost as it happens via the internet so yea I'm a news junkie.