Friday, August 05, 2011

What a Kadooment!

Well the finale of Barbados' crop over festival occurred this past Monday with the big annual Kadooment day parade. This year Bajan singer Rihanna took part in the parade and since she is an international superstar of course the international press followed her every move on Kadooment day.

Foreign press is what wrong wid wunnah doah? Chupse!

Judging from the general ignorance I have read on some of the international news sites (mind you most of them arent exactly paragons of excellence) it is clear to me that they either (1) just want to pick on Rihanna or (2) just do not understand a caribbean carnival celebration. I think it may actually be a bit of both.

Kadooment is just a big carnival parade. Similar to the ones worldwide in Brazil and Trinidad and elsewhere. Its just a big costume party. Although one may argue that the costumes are indeed rather less than more and the behavior like most carnivals everywhere else is rather raucous . Bear that in mind.

From the media coverage if one wasnt there or wasnt aware of what Kadooment was like one would assume that :

(1) Rihanna's costume or lack thereof was inconsistent with the general theme of the event when in truth, Rihanna just appears to be wearing a generic costume allocated to a certain section of a carnival band. If you want to say her outfit was barely there, well then I cant disagree with the photographic and video evidence but given that you could say the same about oh 99% of the woman in carnival bands on Kadooment day its not like she was dressed inappropriately or out of place for the event.

If anything you guys want to complain or be be shocked about ask Rihanna how much the little costume cost cause I swear carnival costume prices on a per unit measurement price duz be one of the most expensive articles of clothing in the world!! You cant even begin to imagine what dem women duz pay for two pieces a floss and a headpiece.I floated the idea of carnival burkas one time for the women dat want to party but faid fi show dem skin but then thought to myself if two string and a headpiece cost x-amount a dollars an we pro-rate that to fit for the amount a material in a burka wuhloss somebody wud need a mortgage to pay fi carnival costume.

(2) Rihanna's dancing and general behaviour on the road which was described on some sites as "raunchy" was also out of place for Kadooment.
(Before I get into that lemma say that this scrutiny of kadooment is rather interesting and I'm waiting to hear what bajans have to say cause I keep hearing this foolishness about wukkin up is we culture  which is to me just an excuse to legitimize some of the more extreme slack behaviour that passes for dancing but anyways. Yes I know I ol and cant be expected to look at this thing objectively.)

Anyhow so back to the topic. Rihanna's dancing was not out of place at Kadooment. Again I say for good or bad, Rihanna's behaviour was in keeping with what was happening around her so it seems rather unfair to pick on her wukking up. Do the international press even know what wukking up is by the way? Lemma explain um, it is the rthymic gyration of the waist and de buttocks seen familiarly in Caribbean dances to Soca and Calypso. Next time allya big press man need interpretations call me nuh, mi fee aint dat big for a lil explaination. Ok!

Also I really dont think Kadooment behaviour is any more raunchy than that of any caribbean/south american carnival anywhere else. Dont these news outlets generally have Caribbean festivals in their backyards in North America and Europe or are they like my Toronto people who run away from ethnic and Caribbean gatherings in fear (and this year with that shooting on Lakeshore mi cann blame unna)?

(3) Because of a few photos with Rihanna wukking up (remember de word) or wining (see how I inserted a new word to mess with your heads?) on her ex-boyfriend suddenly they are an item again.
Now this one I might could give you guys an ease on cause well you dont understand that a wukkup is juss a wukkup. Its just a dance guys. Yes you are close up under the other person and it can appear rather intimate to the untrained eye but really guys it doesnt really mean anything. Its not exactly a mating dance although sometimes on a rare occasion a fella might get I've been told.

So there foreign press. Allya know I aint her biggest fan but I feel ya picking on the girl so allya making me defend her actions since you judged them completely out of theme and context. Now I mention it I going have to be back later to discuss this wukkin up culture thing though


Abeni said...

You would think they never saw a carnival. Not to worry publicity is publicity

Dee said...

you're right
who cares what they say as long as they're talking about you