Thursday, August 19, 2010

Local Politricks

Can I just say I love Canadian poli-tricks! Well the poli-trick-sions anyways. I dont know why the general public so apathetic towards politricks here I mean at the very least its always good for some comedy and lil drama like how Harper and the Tories almost get catspraddle by a census of all things. In de States politricksions duz get tek out by sex scandals hay men duz get tek out by statistics lol. If dat doan prove that Canada different to America nuttin does (and I doan mean different like Chris Bosh say we smell different eitha cause I aint know wha he mean by dat, he betta watch he frowsy self ya. lol)

Anyways just when I thought that all the poppits was out of the Toronto mayoral race and some of you might remember early this year I post bout how the fella Giambrone get clean bowl wid a sex scandal in comes Rob Ford who apparently is leading the race to be the new Mayor of Toronto. Wuhloss!

Now Ford apparently got a whole history of putting he foot in he mout and every few days some comment or the odda he mek duz rile up everyone and got the other candidates attacking he cruel, cruel, cruel. The last thing was he mek some stupid comment at a debate bout refugees and he aint want nuh more in Toronto or someting so.

Now the malicious media gone yesterday an dig up some old news that de same Ford fella apparently had been arrested in 1999 in Florida for drug possession cause dey find a lil joint in he back pocket. Hear Mr Ford now as to why he din disclose this to the public: apparently he had forgotten that he had been arrested for de weed cause that same time the police did also arrest he for refusing to take a breathalizer test.

So in essence the man whole argument is looka people stop confusing me wunna aint realize I did too drunk that night to remember that I get arrest for weed. This has got to be in the top 10 of best excuses ever!

And these is the sorts a people I supposed to vote for to lead my city nuh? Lawd come fa ya wirl nuh!

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Guyana-Gyal said...

Wait up, wait up...if Giambrone get ketch because of a sex scandal, that mean Canada ain't different from the States then, harhar.

Noooooobady in de Kribbean does get ketch because of sex sandal.

It have any squeaky clean people out there, as far as the media is concerned?