Monday, August 16, 2010


Ya know one thing I doan like bout work email is the dreaded cc:

Now I mean I know there are certain things where you want someone to know that you on the case and checking in on matters or they ask you to cc them on the item so they can read the response etc but in alot of cases cc's are just used by some arrogant s.o.b in an attempt to try to show up somebody else cause they will attempt to cc like 10 people on a matter and most of them have no clue what the conversation is about anyways and could care less. Whats with that?

Yea I guess is good to document or start a paper trail but most a de time all the people you cc'ing aint necessary an plus the email dese days duz got time stamp and dat stamp an ting so you can always back up ya claims if somebody say ya aint do something. All the cc'ing is just somewhat childish.

And this is different from the personal email issue which is if you having a personal conversation wid someone they aint have no right forwarding your email to somebody else. Allya too lazy to cut n paste if ya wanta involve somebody else in part a de conversation or wha? Chupse.

Anyway that is why ya duz gotta watch what ya saying anytime ya online be um work or personal cause you feel you talking to one body an next ting the whole office or 6 or 7 people you aint kno involved.


GC {God's Child} said...

yes. eediat ting dat!

Too many times ppl around here try to bully me by cc-ing my boss, or their boss, or both bosses. And you know what, usually they just end up looking stupid.

Guyana-Gyal said...

People who cc a person is trying to shame that person, that is how I see it.

I hate fwd. Especially in the hands of wicked folks.

Dasheen Magazine said...

A riot, but so so true! LOL

@Guyana Gyal ditto on the FWD--that ting never move me yet. Fire bun!!