Tuesday, November 02, 2010

No help

No help for Caricom countries hit by Tropical Storm Tomas without benefits to Trinidad and Tobago.

This was made clear by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday.

She said Trinidad and Tobago stands ready to assist its Caricom neighbours but she stipulated that any aid would only come after discussions with her Cabinet colleagues as well as the Opposition Leader, and must in some measure benefit the country.

Well well well.

Ok well I really aint want to put myself in Trini people business but I must say this statement sounding real callous from allya prime minister.

First off y'all done know that Tomas was heading your side an is only God's grace that he mek a turn an head for Barbados and the Windward islands so instead of St Vincent and St Lucia in need of aid it could be you today if things din work out the way they did.

Second and this sort of relate to the first point. Dont get tie up cause allya lil bigger and got few more natural resources than some a we. In the eyes of the world, all we in the Caribbean is barely dots on a map. Is in we best interest to look out for one anudda as a whole. You dont have to see no visible benefit to help but if ya able help out cause helping we is the same thing as helping yaself cause the only way to get ahead is to get ahead as a region. That is like the left arm hurting but the fingers saying I aint rubbing that cause I healthy an um aint relate to me.

And that statement that ya mek Mrs PM sound real callous when ya know how Tomas catspraddle some a we. Cuhdear some a we still widout water and electricity and homeless an you gine say something so. Plus ya is a regional head not no man in the street you should never say nuttin so.

What happened to love or your fellow man and being a good samaratian. Well actually I guess you are being like the parable of the good samartian cause it was the Levite and the priest that should have been neighborly that leff the poor fella skin out for stangers to help. Same way wid you. Nuh benefit to helping so we gine got to look to strangers for.

Alright then, that is how um gine be. Well we would know how we stan in the future.


Radmila said...

I venture to think that neighbours don't forget that sort of thing.
Maybe Madam PM should only pray that Trinidad doesn't get hit any time soon.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Jdid, want to hear something sad? When we had that mighty big flood in '05, not many Caribbean islands offered us help. [A Trini chap with a pharmacy sent help].

Yet when other C'bean territories suffer from natural disasters, Guyanese citizens hold marathons, raise funds, fill barrels, send help.

Dee said...

Seems like she wants to change the meaning of help
how is it helping if it strictly has to benefit me too?

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

More thoughts...maybe the media worded very badly what she said.

I'm puzzled. I don't see her refusing to help. I only see her saying she would use Trinidadian resources.

ac said...

Unbelievable. In order for Trinidad to give .Her country must received . What kind of message is she sending to the youth of her country.

Abeni said...

Humaitarian aid with strings.Anyway I sorry Our PM asked especially as the woman made it plain they not the Caribbean ATm..Didn't he get the message?