Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cause we all look alike


Thank you China

The newspaper, which has a daily circulation of over half a million copies had meant to make a reference to Bolt in the run up to one of the most anticipated races of the Olympics. However, when it came to selecting an image it seems Chambers and Bolt (despite there being no distinct similarities) were confused.

Dwain Chambers (top) vs Usain Bolt. No distinct similarities except skin color you mean.

Guess Chambers should be happy Bolt never rob or murder anyone or he would find himself on the wanted posters and likely in jail.

Chambers: "But officer de man neva favor me"
Officer: "Stop lying boy ya think we stupidee. we see right through your Dwain alias. Ya coulda at least use a name dat dont rhyme wid Usain.!"

The really sad thing about it is you know almost every black person can relate to this incident too.

ps: big up the jamaican 100m women! beautiful and talented. respect!


Dee said...

when I first came to the states I couldn't tell one *insert ethnicity* from another
it's believable to me

Anonymous said...

Bwoy, what a pretty picture!! Love it,girls you are looking great!!

Melody said...

De girls are so luvly! Anyway, that "mistaken pic" is just a way fi gi U.S. front page although dem never win de race. Who can't tell one red & white jersey from a green/yellow&black one??!! Bun dat!

Ruthibelle said...

Them girls looking gorgeous. Yellow is such a pretty colour! The lookalike thing... it happens in the newsroom, things get crazy and the wrong pic/caption comes out...

Abeni said...

Chambers mussi feeling so happy..Can the Chinese get anything right?

Anonymous said...

I would like to believe that it was an honest mistake.

I have often been mistaken for another woman who looks nothing like me except we're both white and not skinny. She's a blonde, I'm a brunette. My eyes are brown, hers are blue. She's also about five inches taller than me. And she's English, while I'm American. I try not to take it personally. I don't think anyone means to be offensive, I think they genuinely don't see the differences that are so glaringly obvious to me.

Jamsprint said...

The irony behind the whole picture fiasco is that Chambers is also a world junior champion. But more interestingly, he is a convicted drug cheat who was banned for 2 years who after serving his suspension was not allowed to compete at the olympics by Britain after he won the 100m at his country's olympic trials.
Now you tell me.. I don't thin Bolt's pr people appreciated that mix up!