Monday, December 10, 2007

Church Shooting

I guess one isn't safe anywhere these days.

I'm referring to the folk who were killed in a church in Colorado yesterday.

What I find interesting though is that the gunman was shot by a security guard at the church. (OK disclaimer I really haven't followed all the info on this incident particularly closely so forgive me if I'm wrong but the reports said the gunman was shot by church security.)

Whoa! Hold up! Did I miss something? Since when Church had security guards? I neva been to church with security guards have you? I mean I know earlier this year I mek joke about fete church but security at church? Armed security at church! Fa real?

Blouse n skirt!

Church must really turn into bashment. Wha kinda rowdiness a gwan at church that dem need security guard. OK so it did come in handy this one time but church shootings are not a norm are they? I reminded of that Shaggy's recent Church Heathen song. Maybe next we will see dress code at church. Actually hmmm that might not be such a bad idea. Make it so number one.

I'll leave it there though and not make any comments about these watered down mega churches and their self-help Tony Robbins style sermons.

All I have to say is things ruff when church have armed security. Wow!


Melody said...

That woman (security, Assam) who shot him, she sounded a bit fanatical too (at least from de link). Plenty 'infomercial' church only have de name 'church' IMHO.

Jdid said...

yes mel i like that informercial church thing lol. i usually call them big box churches. dem like walmart.

Lola Gets said...

Not only did they have a security guard (which I can kinda see), but they had an ARMED security guard! Why on earth does one need a GUN in church? What in the hell is going on out there in Colorado??

Um, yeah, no, I wont be attending any of their services.


GC said...

yes, I also wondered about her being armed. That said, many churches these days find they are being robbed right around offering collection time. My Mother's church has deacons posted by the door that won't let anyone in or out while offering is being collected. I heard of another church where they patrol the parking lot because for a while, every week someone's car was broken into. Ridiculous. But this is the world we live in.

TheNewPlug said...


the majority of the mega churchs have to have them. They have to many people in their churches, and by default, someone has to be crazy enough to pull something like this off ...

Stunner said...

Ratid, church with armed security guard!