Monday, July 29, 2013

Shoe shopping

So Saturday I was doing what has apparently become my latest hobby......looking for shoes for my mother.

She's very picky because certain types of shoes dont work well with her feet so in the past two months I've basically went from novice to less of a  novice on women's shoes. Yea not something for the old resume but it is what it is. I looking for flats with straps with such and such and the toes out and this and that an this color and rah rah rah and yes she is very picky.

Still I had managed to find a pair that I thought fit her initial criteria a few weeks ago but when she got them the size was too small plus I then found out that even in a bigger size they not going work so back to the drawing board.

So back to the drawing board and the shoe shopping and on Saturday I found a pair that fit all the criteria halelujah! except that they werent dressy enough so bram them get shot down too.

Anyway I went into one shoe store at the mall Saturday and I looking around and found the right size but each shoe I look at something missing, either it flat but the straps weird or not enough strap or the heel too tall or whatever. I'm there dilligently examining every shoe when this salesman comes up to me and tells me that certain shoes with certain tags on sale. I'm like yea ok thanks but meanwhile I really not paying eh no mind cause is bout 60 different pair a shoe I have to look at and determine which fit my criteria.

 So eventually I found some stuff that was close but not exact so I decide to give it a pass. as I'm walking out the salesman is like 'Oh I guess you couldnt find anything in YOUR size' and gives me a weird look.

I'm like ummm did he think I was looking for women's shoes for myself? Boy I still doan know a pump from a flat from a whatever fancy names allya women's shoes got. And why would he think I looking for shoes for myself. I look like one a dem boys that duz dress so?

lawd avest mercy!

I did gine say something to he but discretion is the better part a valour an ah juss keep walking.

My friends thought it was funny though. me not so much.


Guyana-Gyal said...


who me, stifle me laugh?

Ah have some real bad news for you...if you tink buying shoes for she is hard, wait 'til she ask you to buy a dress or a blouse.

Ask me and me sister...we have a mother picky just like yours.

When you have to buy de blouse, I hope is not the same salesperson you buck up with........

VirginiaC said...

I agree with my girl Guyana-Gyal above...just wait until you have to buy a dress for your picky mum....rather you than me.
It's still nice to know that you are taking the time out to look around for what your mum likes.
In the process you will acquire a new found respect for what we women go through in order to look good.
Putting the salesman on "Operation Ignore" was the best thing to do under the circumstances.