Thursday, December 05, 2013

De Mayor

So Toronto's mayor huh?

Somebody request I speak about him and while I had jokes a tonne I think that point (I mean really what can top the "I have enough to eat at home" statement?) has passed so here goes.

1) Toronto is embarrassed. Not just cause the mayor smoked crack but because we also really had/have no way to send him packing. He's been de-clawed somewhat but he's still Mayor in name and we cant totally get rid of him. No one ever had a contingency plan for suppose the mayor has embarrasses the city and needs to be deposed apparently. We are just thankful that we were able to restrict his powers as is.

2) I fear Ford could possibly make a comeback. For all his cracksmoking and inebriation I will tell you this: The man is a masterful politician, or maybe its his handlers. Its not just that he has a diehard following who believes everything he spews, its that before the evidence started to mount he positioned the whole issue to be one where it was the media was out to get him and made it seem plausible. He's also positioned himself to make it seem he is a man of the people and others are out to get him. His whole gravy train rhetoric, his stance on getting a subway to Scarborough and greatest of all his whole no tax increase talk made him popular.

People just like to hear politicians push a view they held. There was no real ridiculous overspending at city hall but talk about it all the time, have a catchy phrase like gravy train and just make up stuff as you go along and all the folk who believed that something like that was actually happening will believe you even though no plausible evidence was put forward.

3) People will overlook everything for the sake of a dollar. Even now with almost insurmountable evidence and admissions of guilt there are those who are like well its his personal business, as long as he doesnt raise taxes I would still vote for him.

4) Laughing at the idiots south of the border is sort of a a Canadian pastime since we usually feel we are so much more superior somehow. Well now they laughing at us. I hear CNN the other night say boy it should be mandatory to refer to this man as the crack smoking mayor of Toronto. Lawd ave mercy, look how we have fallen

5) With all the evidence that the police had why didnt they make a bold move and look to gather even more or increase the scope of their case to include the Mayor? Same police that duz stop random  black kids on the street for no reason than walking through a certain neighborhood can watch the mayor exchange packages with a known drug dealer and not make a move somehow? Strange I say
If he did black or any minority for that matter dem wudda find a way by hook or crook to deal with this long time. Sorry had to be said.
6) For all the lighthearted banter in the media, the guffaws and the late night parodies this isnt a joke. As the allegations and the revelations continue to be made known you realize this is some really serious stuff even if Ford continues to laugh it off.

I mean your city's leader is doing drugs with drug dealers, exchanging packages surreptitiously in gas station parking lots and behind school buildings, drug dealers are planning to blackmail him, he's allegedly offering money for incriminating evidence, someone who may or may not have had an incriminating video was killed, he's making disparaging comments about minorities and other politicians, attending official functions inebriated, ranting on camera about fighting or something.  He's arguing he didnt lie cause the question of drug use wasnt asked in the correct tense, he's admitting to such use but only when he's drunk? He's offending folk with his lewd speech on live camera. I mean seriously if this was a movie I'd say naa dude this is unbelievable, over the top, this is just overkill. But its not a movie its Toronto's reality as weekly new info comes to hand. 


Guyana-Gyal said...

You all mayor do all o' dat?

And not so long ago, they had people beating up each other over a match, breaking things.

Oh my!

VirginiaC said...

Incredible and totally unbelievable isn't it?
Let's hope that somehow the fiasco can be rectified soon, even if there is no law on the books for "disposing" of an elected Mayor when he turns bad....corruption everywhere, everywhere, everywhere....and high ranking officials seem to be the king pins of it all.