Thursday, April 21, 2016

She lives!

Time sure does fly.

The same year that I started this blog, a long time ago in what feels like a galaxy far far away I also moved from a downtown apartment to the suburbs of Toronto. And man I must say it took me a lot of years and three kids to really kind of outgrow the pining for downtown living but that's another story.

As I may have mentioned before, I've been taking the same bus to work since then. Its been an interesting ride and since I basically catch the bus every morning in the same half hour range I feel like I'm come to know a whole bunch of folks by seeing them regularly over the years. But its the bus and its Toronto so you just recognize people but you don't really speak to them.

Whats also interesting is watching the school kids. There are two high schools on my route and its interesting to see the kids come on the bus as Grade 9ers and then grow over the four years of high school.

What can I say I'm a people watcher.

Anyway early on, years ago, there was an elderly lady who got on the bus downstream of my stop as we headed to the subway station and oh man was she mean spirited and angry I get that she's old and sometimes old folk aren't treated the way they should be on the bus or subway with hardback able bodied people not wanting to give them a seat etc but this lady would complain at everything. I don't know how long she had been using this route but back then she appeared well known. As soon as she got on everybody in the front would start shifting to find space for her. When she was getting off she would get upset if the driver didn't lower the bus fast enough for her to get off as well. Well miserable she was and I'm trying to be nice here.

Anyway I hadn't seen her since maybe 2009 and often wondered what had happened to her. Never knew where she was going but maybe she had finally retired from whatever job she was doing or maybe she got sick possibly died. Who knows!

And then I saw her this evening.

Looking pretty much the same, mean look on her face, complaining to the driver, complaining about the passengers next to her, trying to force her way off the not so crowded bus but making everybody move out of her way when they really didn't need to. Yep, she's still around and just as feisty as ever if even more hunchbacked than prior.

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VirginiaC said...

Oh boy I know quite a few older folks like that.
The rudest behaviour ever. I am always thinking that now they're coming to their last days that they should be more pleasant to those around them...but no...they get meaner spirited every day.
I am sure you heard of the old lady that died in her house here and they did not find her body till two years after she died....that story made my jaw drop...she was mean and therefore no one cared if she had disappeared or one checked up on sad.