Sunday, December 10, 2006

5 things

I've been tagged. Not really a meme fan but I'm not really blogging much these days so here goes.

Five things you didn't know about me.
p.s: don't expect anything too deep.

1) I'm not one of those try everything once people. I'll try very specific things and if its something I actually find I like I really go all out to be better than mediocre in it. I despise mediocre.

2) I used to do spoken word poetry but I dislike, with very few exceptions, most spoken word poets. I find them too self righteous and most of their work is just way too performance driven anyways.

3) "I like to rock 100 miles but you know I'm far from running" - Showbiz on Maestro's Fine Tune the Mic. Just found out the clothing line isn't dead yet either so that made my day.

4) In another life I would/should have been a DJ. A good one too.

5) I'm seriously considering giving up blogging at the moment.

Not tagging anyone but if you feel the urge to do this. Go with it.


Melody said...

Aww, J, U did it:) Re spoken word: many a performer does seem more "dramatist" than poet. Re "despise mediocrity": word! Hopefully gettin' tagged doesn't strengthen your resolve to exit. Ah kinda know what U mean though, turns out de blog isn't de forum for loggin' so many really significant elements & moments. Any other lil innocuous ting we post just maintains de superficiality o' people not really sharin' & not really carin'. Not to mention it takes time to keep up wid blogs -- am one o' those who wouldn't feel comfy invitin' comments without readin' & commentin' mi-self, so ah stopped addin' new blogs, considerin' that time is scarce.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, and Ill come back for more! L

Campfyah said...

wha yuh mean yuh seriously thinking of giving up blogging..if yuh ditch we, who gonna represent fuh de Bajans?

Is spoken word de same as dramatic poetry, cause you and me both know a fella dat is a good dramatic poet.

Mad Bull said...

Well, I hope you get over the dry spell, but if not, it was nice while you were doing it, you done know. Sometimes I get the urge to quit too, and recently that has happened as well, but whenever I feel that way, after a few days break, something happens and I end up saying "I gotta blog this!", and thats it! Hooked again :)

Anonymous said...

Um no blog, no salad king. Yes we just met and I am threatning you.

Miz JJ said...

I feel like giving up blogging as well. Seems to have run its course. We'll see. I think my updates will just become infrequent.

Anonymous said...

Everyone can't quit blogging all at once! Noooooooooooooooooo!

Aiight so first I just have to say that I love 100 miles still!
Second,I love your comment about spoken word poets. It's true in a lot of cases *cough*hajile*cough but every once in a while we get a good'un. If you ever decide to come out of retirement and want so fans to clap and snap our fingers, holla!

Anonymous said...

Aww c'mon. You broke the chain and are thinking about giving up blogging? shame!

Anonymous said...

I'm taking it one day at a time. I enjoy the interaction but honestly the other life stuff have taken over. School mainly at the moment. Take it in stride JDid.

Jdid said...

ummm there were FIVE points in case everyone just skipped to point 5

Abeni said...

Ummm..why you giving up the blog:) seriously though at times I just get a chance to make a post and can't follow up others as much as I would like to.

DJ..yeah I can see you doing that