Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I haven't written much lately cause to be honest I've lost my writing mojo and its not groovy man. Word to Austin Powers! Just not feeling the vibe, what can I say.

Anyway much love to those who wished my happy birthday.

Also much love to the T-dot bloggers that I linked with on Friday night. It was nice to put faces to some of the bloggers whose sites I frequent. What can I say they are really nice folk (except fa dem Scarborough people. Boy I frighten fa them, just kidding), lots of fun too ....BUT the Toronto bloggers are so wrong!!! Oh gosh man I could tell you about the nice dinner and conversation and how everybody cool and that sort of business but no let me tell wunnah about Eduardo and Scott. Now Cranky already did a blog about those two and I aint trying to mash her corns or anything cause she did a good job but I felt I had to write about Eduardo and Scott from where I was sitting (which was the worse seat in the house for the show).

Look at this thing. We (the bloggers) meet up around 7-730 ish. Had dinner, passed on dessert and were handed the bill at 901 pm. The waiter was like "well look if wunnah aint having no dessert don't play wunnah sitting around liming up in my restaurant, pay the bill and leff. Wunnah cant be liming bout here like is Yonge Street Caribana Friday".

Ya think we got the hint? Nuh uh!

1030 is the time these people (myself included) leave the people restaurant. Ya know why? Wasn't cause we was conversating and chatting and exchanging wittisisms and blog trivia ya kno. It was solely because people was maliciousing on Eduardo and Scott. Ok that word maliciousing is a bajan word so I will have to explain for some of you guys. It mean that they/we were being nosy in other people business.

Imagine this, I sitting down and all a sudden I notice Cranky and a few others gone silent and staring intently in my direction past me with this troubled look on their face. I figure the police behind there ready to Rodney King me so I starting to get worried but no they staring at the folks at the next table. I cant even look around and stare to see who they looking at so all I can do is go by the looks on their faces as to what going on.

You would think it was a soap opera. It was two guys speaking intently having a very intimate intense type conversation from the sounds of it. Next thing how I realize that these bloggers was seriously maliciousing in the people business was when out of the blue they name the two men Eduardo and Scott and start concocting background stories about how Scott left he wife for Eduardo and Eduardo want to go back home to he two pickney and whole flashback scene they figure out while watching the couple. Imagine that!

Hanging onto every emotion emerging from the table. I hear all sort of talk about how Eduardo being firm now he angry now he coy and running the whole spectrum. Dinner the spectator sport what can I say.

Miss Straight from Scarborough was next to me and my girl pull out she compact pretending she fixing she face and staring back at Scott and Eduardo. Somebody been watching too much police shows on tv lol. Then she just move seats to get a clearer view. Well well well! Meanwhile me and Mocha cant see anything cause we aren't facing the Eduardo/Scott table and we cant just turn around our chairs and face them but every few minutes the fella with no "handle" telling me that my big head blogging their view of the couple. chupse! :-)

See how these Toronto bloggers does operate? Don't let them people know ya business boy. Ya would be in trouble!

Then to show ya how feisty these people is you wouldn't imagine what they do next. Yes people take pictures of Eduardo and Scott! These people brazen nuh! I know somebody out there saying "Noooo ya lie!". Nuh uh! Under the pretense of taking some photos of the flower arrangements certain people turn paparazzi on the couple. Seriously ya would swear it was Bradgelina or even Tie and who she name sitting across from us.

Ya aint know that if Eduardo and Scott didn't leave the restaurant we would still be there right now. People talking about no we aint leaving we want to see a resolution between the couple. We want closure. Well well well.

Next time I think Scott and Eduardo going to have to start selling tickets to dinner. I mean at the very least if they providing entertainment for all a we they might as well get a free dinner out of it.

All in all a fun time had by everyone (Eduardo and Scott excluding) though. What can I say the bloggers are good folks ....but it was a struggle to even write this blog. I'm talking some more time off. Peace!


Anonymous said...

Aww come on, you just upset that you were facing the wrong direction. Moral of the post, always sit by Cranky Putz.....It was jokes......must do it again soon.

Lene said...

that was funny though, you can't even lie. the best part was when dude broke the damn chair. hahahahhaa. how did he manage that? plus, he left the chair same way, didn't even try to fix it. hahahaha

Melody said...

Sounds like y'all bloggers in T-Dot had a happenin' time. Real-life soap opera, chair brok', bloggers turned papparazzi, really sounds like a memorable link.

Anonymous said...

eduardo broke the chair as they were leaving. the cushion broke off from the seat, and they bimmed. hahahaha

Abeni said...

where are the pics! When we had our Ja link up pics went up so come on guys

Jdid said...

i aint posting no pics, you dont need to know what we look like :-)

solitaire said...

WHAT?!? I didn't know the seat broke. LMAO LMAO.

Oh goooooooooooooooosh!

I thought that exchange was quite crazy. The fact that Morgan, CP, inciquay and all a wunnah could come up with such dialogue is astounding.