Sunday, July 29, 2007

By his deeds part deux

By now most of you folks have heard about this NBA referee who bet on games and may have likely attempted to meddle in the outcome of games.

Now this is a serious sports scandal anyway you look (bigger than Vick and the dogs in my opinion) at it but I'll leave it to the respected media to cover all the angles and implications of the issue and whether Game 3 Suns vs spurs was fixed and whether my Raptors won against Philli in the regular season or lost against the Nets in the playoffs because of Donaghy's meddling.

Naa, I'll leave all that alone.

What I do want to speak on is all of the reports about previous bad things this guy has done. Its like now that these betting accusations are in the open everyone is coming out saying this guy was never a good guy and finding more ways to tarnish his image. Its like that saying that implies that when you're down they will find a way to kick you even more.

Seriously I mean we've heard about how he was a big time gambler, stalked a neighbour's wife, called the police on a 6 year old, chased a postman in his car, cheated on his SATs and was generally a bad bad man. No one has a good word to say about this guy; not colleagues, not neighbours probably not even family. I mean its only a matter of time before his mom comes out and says she knew he was a bad seed ever since he stole cookies from the pantry as a child or something like that.

So it got me thinking. Was he really that bad or is it just that bad news begets more bad news? Is there a serious attempt to tar and feather him one time or are people just finally not afraid to speak up about this alleged bully and criminal? Or does the real truth lie somewhere south of the picture being painted?

To me its interesting cause press stories on people usually follow two sorry three no make that four predictable angles in my opinion. There are the lovable loser, down on your luck stories. Then there are the stories where if you've done a good deed or achieved something memorable you are heralded for every good deed you've ever performed or every hardship you've ever overcome and almost anointed with sainthood. Then on the flip side if you do something bad well lord help ya cause like this Donaghy case they will blackball ya. And finally there are the fall from grace stories where they make it seem as if the rise was too good to be true and you had deep dark secrets and it was inevitable that you would end up on the dark path.

Also gets me wondering what would people say if I got into something bad. What would they dredge up from my past. What minor story would suddenly be embellished to make me more monster than man? Hmmm I can think of quite a few actually so maybe I best not to do anything wrong lol. Personally I'm hoping for a fall from grace story those are the coolest, hey I'd give them some help in writing my own. Course I'd have to do that rise to the top thing first. Naa forget it too much hard work lol.

Anyway its just something to think of.


Mighty Afroditee said...

Well, to start, if you did something bad, I would search through your blog for the juicy tidbits that evidenced your propensity for such nefarious behavior, then, I am sure that all bloggers would jump on the story!

But, is so people stay. Throwing the first stone. Mek them gone ahead and fling. Their glass house soon mash up.

Amadeo said...

I keep wondering...didn't the people he bet with realize he was a ref...seems like they wouldn't let you bet...unless they just changed the odds accordingly.

Abeni said...

We will dig up all the little juicy stories or the little incidents that pointed to the life of crime:)

Anyway,I believe some stories get embellished when people get in trouble

Leon said...

Didn't hear about the corrupt ref. That's why one should be careful of your actions. Man is far less forgiving than God.

Stunner said...

I saw it on the news! You're right when you're down the media and others always seep to start a kicking frenzy, then all the shady and not so shady past is dug up!