Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Ok a few stories that caught my attention.

- The MinnesotaVikings fined one of their players for missing a game two Sundays ago because he had to attend the funeral of his grandmother. His grandmother who raised him as a kid. Damn that's cold.

- While I feel for Kanye's lost I just think its so senseless that she died during elective surgery.

-kid gets killed for brandishing a hairbrush. damn! reminds me of that Michael Moore skit where he said black men shouldn't carry dark colored wallets

-Man in India marries a dog. No no no, fa real I mean a actual female dog, no fa real no insult the man marry a real mutt. Seriously. Ah hell no one will believe me anyway.

-Remember the judge who sued the dry cleaners. I blogged about it a while back. Well he lost his job. Cuhdear!

-Black girl suspended for purple hair. Good for her, she feel she name Prince or what. Oh wait he had purple rain not hair my bad.

-Michael Jordan's divorce is costing him 168 Mil. Van Dammmmm!

Seriously there was more but I cant remember where it went. Oh well enjoy.


Abeni said...

Geez Donda West story makes me sad and mad. I just don't get this perfection craze where everybody nipping and tucking. Seems like she also had some health problems but went ahead anyway..ah well

Melody said...

Donda's breast reduction might've been health-motivated (usually de augmentation's more likely vanity).

Campfyah said...

De news nowadays is bare stress relief. Man marrying dog, wha de azz he gine accomplish from dat? Girl suspended from school.. de school principal ein got other things tuh worry bout, bare foolishness cha

Luke Cage said...

R.I.P. to Dr. Donda West. That was a sad story considering that it appears that the surgery wasn't life threatening necessary. But how that doc is allowed to practice is beyond me. I agree with Abeni. So many people caught up in doing this and that to their bodies. The body doesn't take that kind of shock very well either.

And $168 Million?? Geez. And I NEVER saw Juanita even take as much as a free throw. Good Gawd!