Monday, November 05, 2007


They say signs that the end is near
I wonder can I walk a righteous path holding a beer
Resurrection - Common

Is just reality.....

Yesterday while channel surfing I caught a glimpse of one of the newest reality shows entitled Shot at Love. In case you haven't seen it (and I really couldn't recommend that you go out of your way to watch) its sort of like the Bachelorette but with a twist. See the bachelorette seeking love in this case is one Tila Tequlia, apparently a pretty popular personality on myspace, who is bisexual. So instead of this being a straight case of Tila looking for a man, she is looking for either a man or a woman.

Lawd come fa ya world!

Reality TV! Sigh! Now I wont get on my high horse and play like I don't watch it every now and then. I did watch Tyra's Top Model and the Amazing Race and I'll even admit that I watched last season's College Hill once I realized it was set in the Caribbean but I mean seriously I just don't get this whole Reality TV thing sometimes.

Has anything ever been so aptly misnamed before? I mean just call it shows without SAG actors and be done with it but there is very little reality in reality TV.

Ya know what too? Its going to be sad if those Hollywood writers go on strike cause the networks will beat us till we're silly with new reality shows. All I know is that if the writers go on strike my DVD will be getting a serious workout cause I not looking to watch all this reality sillyness. I can watch one episode or so every few months cause is preferable to watching grass grow but not me and that on a regular basis.

Still back to this shot at Love thing. Every time I see them push the boundaries with the slackness of these reality shows I keep going back to Arnold and that 1987 Running Man movie.
How far fetched is it now that we've seen Dog the Bounty Hunter and Scare Factor and Cops and shows like that for us to see the day when we'll be seeing them execute folks on TV. Yea I'm making a bit of a leap but that leap isn't as big as it was once upon a time.


GC said...

i love the post category
dey want 2 hard slaps
so apt
Sometimes I want tv in my home but seems like I'm not missing anything

thing about it is slackness is nothing new--it's always been around
but now it's no longer underground

Melody said...

Re: executin' folks on TV

Saddam Hussein -- online. Signs fe real.

Crankyputz said...

That show is just trash...

Lene said...

i saw that shot of love show. the characters are funny. i like that italian guy.

Campfyah said...

Reality TV is ridiculous as it can be. I can't even be bothered. too much slackness.

Rose said...

I just happened to see that reality show and saw that one country guy lose totally control. I think somebody is going to get hurt before they stop some of this stuff. Some of these shows I do like. I like that Gotti's Way for some reason and Salt and Pepa and even like Tyra Banks modeling show as well as that New York. I think I am getting bored with stuff for that to be my flavor.

Abeni said...

Hopelessly hooked on I love New York and even looking fwd to Flava Flav 3

Lol,don't shoot me

Leon said...

Ok. That's an interesting twist. Still won't get me to watch reality tv though. I have my own reality.

Bajegirl said...

I guess we humans too love to watch a good train wreck.:) You all better stockpile the dvds 'cause I suspect more "reality" shows are coming if the strike goes on for long.

Mad Bull said...

Tila Tequila is on that? Sweet! She into men and women? Wow! Interesting twist! Maybe I will look out for it.

Stunner said...

Man I see the show advertised on MTV all the time, so sick! MTV has really been pushing the nastiness with their shows.

Lola Gets said...

I do like some reality shows like Americas Next Top Model, and the Amazing Race, but I dont get the other ones, like the one you mentioned. Plus, I dont have cable, so I couldnt watch even if I wanted to!