Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Generation Lost

Ever so often lately I'm forced to put on what appears to be my old fogie hat and grumble about the young people of this generation all the while shaking my fist and walking cane at those gosh darned whippersnappers and repeating the mantra things weren't like that in my day.

Today is again one such day.

The thing is, its not like I don't expect today's youth to be different from the ones of my age. And its not that I think the ones of my age were without fault, saints if you wish, or weren't given to a certain degree of lawlessness and causing general mayhem. Its just that some of the things today's youth engage in, well just leave me rather speechless.

Yes I know we usually only get the bad news and society's changed and kids are growing up faster these days and all that but still doesn't it seem like some and I hesitate to generalize here, doesn't it seem like some of today's kids are out of control in a way that we could have never imagined while growing up?

For example just this February in Toronto a 16 year old was arrested for attempting to rob a bank. Ok so when you're 16 I know you can get into a lot of mischief but robbing a bank at that age? Damn. At 16, I would never have even considered taking people's money at a bank. I was probably afraid to even go into a bank and legitimately fill out a withdrawal slip and take out my own money for fear that my parents would beat the hell out of me for withdrawing and wasting my own savings.


Then last week in Georgia there was the case of the group of 8-10 year olds who plotted to attack their teacher because the teacher had scolded them in class. They brought to school a knife, duct tape, a paper weight, to knock the teacher unconscious of course, and handcuffs. 8 year olds. 8 year olds are you kidding me? And although the so-called experts are now trying to play this off like even though these kids had the equipment they wouldn't have done anything if I'm that teacher I'm on my guard and I'm oh just a bit afraid of these kids right now.

Of course I'm thinking to myself at 8 to 10 I couldn't have dreamt of plotting against my teacher no matter how much I felt that my teacher was unfairing me. My teacher was this rather large lady with arms the size of picnic hams who had no fear of using and lots of practice at wielding the strap or a bamboo on our behind for the slightest infraction. Plot against my teacher? Nope. I might get vex and secretly rant about how unfair live was when big people was unfairing you but plot umm nope. Wouldn't think of it. Man if I even dreamt about plotting against my teacher I would have apologized just in case she was a mind reader and decided to be proactive in sharing out liks.

I try not to blame the media, and video games and music and movies and the whole ilk but its hard to not get caught up in that whole blaming game and I do sense that although they may not be the root cause they should share some of the blame too.

My man says its the parenting. The parents of our generation are slack. Kids have a bigger sense of entitlement. Parents don't want to or don't know how to say no to children or not give them every latest gadget, toy or clothing accessory for fear that they will be left behind in our consumer mad society.

The h'experts say dont discipline the children dem, it will stunt their creativity and their growth. Be all friend friend wid dem and laugh when they get out of hand or say things to older people that clearly out of order. Relax nuh man is just children being children. Nuh bother ya head wid de lil children chat and behavior they will still turn out right. Discipline is over-rated anyways. In fact if ya ease off dem they might be the next Einstein or Michaelangelo or one of those super creative uber-geniuses.

Well alrighty then. If the h'experts say so a so a it go.

But then I see another story like this one today. Bunch of teenage girls beat the living daylights out of another teenage girl just because they wanted to make a video to put on myspace and youtube? Lawd come fa ya world!

I mean fights amongst teenagers are nothing new. I mean as far back as you can think there have been fights amongst teenagers some which made sense a lot which really didn't in the grand scheme of things. I mean Cain was probably body slamming Abel back in the day and I can see Esau picking on Jacob as a yout and giving him two slap cross him head for being pops favorite.

As for my generation we fought over girls, guys, property, ignorant stuff, out of pride, respect, and sometimes just to gain a rep but fighting just to make a video for the Internet? I'm sorry but to me that takes things to a new low.

The 16 year old girl who was beaten suffered a concussion and eye injuries amongst other things. All in all though looking at the video I've seen more brutal beatings and I've seen fights of passion, some caused by lost anger and fights for just plain ol silly things (which sort of made sense to those involved at the time) but still something about planning to beat someone just to have an Internet video seems a bit disturbing and callous.

Plus its girls who for the most part are involved (two guys played lookout apparently) and maybe its naive and partially chauvinistic of me although I do know that teenage girls can be pretty cruel, but I really didn't think girls would do something as pointless as this.

All I can say and I probably echo many of former generations is man I just don't get today's younger generation.

I'm feeling old.


GC said...

don't feel old, man
there's nothing new under the sun
people have been doing wickedness since the dawn of creation--consider the middle ages; consider slavery; consider the massacre of the Acadians.
news is simply more widely reported and the evil deeds and shenanigans of children were not always in the news but they did them still.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I agree with gc, look at all the wickedness big people do over the centuries.

I don't know if young people getting mo' bad or if the media blowing things out of proportion...think back to all them things all you chappies use to do when y'all was young, and think of how the media coulda sensationalize it and turn it into some other Thing.

I ain't saying that what them girls do wasn't bad, beating up that girl...but generally speaking, I don't think young people today are worse than young people of past days.

There, there, you feel younger now?

Stunner said...

Some of these youths these days are definitely out of control and some of their actions are just plain wicked! Yes adults have done some evil things in the past and still do, but when teens ad children start doing these things it is scary as you can just imagine how much more wicked they will be when they get older and worse how their children will be! As you said Jdid, only God can save us now!

Lola Gets said...

You forgot about the Baltimore case: Female high school student beat her teacher up during class while other students looked on, cheered, and videotaped it. Nice, huh?


Empath said...

Duct tape and handcuffs??? That sounds like an episode from the Sopranos man. What kinda mind could be in a child at 8 to come up with a plan like that? Duct tape???
Who going to protect the teacher? How's the teacher supposed to function in that classroom after something like that?
I think about this and the other case you mentioned about the teacher being beaten up in the class room and that movie 187 comes to mind.
Duct tape, man???

Empath said...

Oh you ain't old. I bet you done read Secret Invasion and return to Wakanda:)

bakannal said...

solution: raise ur kids in the caribbean where we can buss dem rass.

Bush Babee said...

I'm right there with you. The sad thing is the root goes back to parents. I didn't do stupid stuff because I would get my ass whooped.

It's a generational gap that unfortunately has to run its course.

Stay low and watch your children.


Luke Cage said...

Unfortunately brah, the punk in me merely says, I'm glad that I'm not a parent. And that is a punk thing to say. But the worries some parents have to endure for their children today is at a fever pitch. Sadly, I think sometimes it is the parents and other times, it's just a case of bad seeds running amuk across the country. Don't feel old man. This would have an effect on both, young and old.

Crankyputz said...

I had the same reaction reading these stories. What's going on?

Bring back the strap I say.

Amadeo said...

I remember think I was bold by declaring (in my mind) I would hit the teacher back if she ever hit me with the ruler again.

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