Friday, April 18, 2008


(sorry havent felt much like posting recently. its all kind of blah)

Now while I dont think Americans have a bigger proportion of stupid people than the worldwide average maybe it is because we duz get blitzed by so much US news that sometimes I duz have to really question that notion.

They crucify my yout Obama for his relationship to Pastor Wright. Say his pastor is racist and un-patriotic and is a devil incarnate for saying the things he say from the people pulpit blasting the Nation. So then they say well if the pastor of the Church that Obama goes to, been going to for donkey years, is so then Barack definetly got to be the same so they try and try and try to paint Barack with that said same brush.

It was all over the news fa weeks. Ya couldnt miss it man, youtube, myspace, she-blog, he-newspaper, them-tv every single place ya look dey had Barack under heavy manners on the back front defending himself against these allegations about his pastor and church.


So how it is now that they just do a big poll the odda day of these same American people in the same U S of A where everybody was claiming that Obama's pastor is a racist and unpatriotic and yet the poll results can claim that 15% of American people still think Obama is a muslim.

How de man cud have a unpatriotic pastor at his church and be a muslim same time? The man bi-racial not bi-religional!

Good gosh! stupid stupid stupid people!


Stunner said...

lol! Politics brings out the worse in people all the while.


Please be mindful of the fact that in essence America is an idiocracy.Many Americans are plain idiots,as evidenced in the poll you are referring to.RESPECT!

Campfyah said...

you know how it goes, anything to keep a good black man down, Hey it's silly season, wha yuh expect.

Leon said...

This again proves that Americans are stupid. I guess they're so used to convenience that using their brains is too much work for them.

Crankyputz said...

lol-I've missed these rants

Empath said...

Yep, silly season, mos def.

YingYang said...

Lol @ esteban.

But for real - sometimes ah could only wonder at the lack of common sense being displayed in this U.S. election.

Although, come to think of it.... a lot of them U.S. elections (and our own too) is a total display of a lack of any kinda sense.

Abeni said...

Ok,he was a Muslim first and then switched. Well,I tried:) Onanother note our elections bring out nuff silliness too