Monday, June 22, 2009

Fall way to nuttin

Well somebody tell muh a few weeks back that one a my old bajan posts "Two Words" was referenced in Wikipedia under some bajan dialect thing. And in the spirit of sharing more bajan words wid wunnah and given my present state of existence I have decided to share the phrase "fall way to nuttin".

The term "fall away to nuttin" in the simplest form means to lose alot of weight. It would be used if you see a drastic weight loss by somebody or maybe in a full sentence like "ya better try an eat before ya fall way to nuttin" where the speaker is trying to convey the thought that not eating will make you lose weight.

And why is this pertinent you ask? Well Jdid had his wisdom teeth removed a few weeks back and was forced onto a liquid diet. Now the people that know me know that I aint exactly robust, big or have nuh weight to lose in the first place. Yet via said liquid diet I lost somewhere north of 12 pounds in the space of one week. And yea you feel alot colder and smaller when that happens. Your body isnt meant to lose weight like that I'm guessing.

Yesterday I was out in the garden wearing a old pants that I retire from active service cause the waist was getting a lil too tight an you shoulda see how the pants fit me yesterday baggy baggy like Hammer Pants den. The things did threaten to expose muh bividees so I had to guh back inside an get a belt before I gi de neighbours a free show.

The liquid and soft food diet thing thought me alot though. For one see me I aint gine mek it as nuh old person cause I man doan dig no soft foods, no mashed potatoes nor no soups (hence the drastic weight loss) so when I get old I doan think I gine last too long once the gums stop wukkin.

Anyway that was about three weeks ago and since then I've been back trying to steadily add more and more foods to my diet. Still not ready for no burgers, steak or curry goat yet but I was getting there.

And then this weekend bram out of the blue while eating lunch I had this new dental issue flare up (which is apparently related to the wisdom teeth removal). Anyway it has again left me in some real serious pain and according to the dentist this marnin back on the liquid diet, unable to eat solid foods yet again. And since I probably gained back at most 3 or 4 of the 12 pounds lost on the last liquid diet Jdid will be steadily fallin way to nuttin this week looking like a "god-horse" cause I eating "nextskin to nuttin". I gine leff dem two last bajan phrases to next time or wunnah could figure that ot wunnahselves.

I gine hayso an drink lunch.


GC (God's Child) said...

can you put the curry goat in the blender? There has to be a way around this.

Abeni said...

Oh dear,that sounds just awful. You better start swallowing nuff icecream and Ensure and them sorta things or soon we won't be able to see you.

Empath said...

Please do get better bro. Add Supligen to Abeni's list.

Jdid said...

Empath cant find Supligen up here been living off Nutrament instead.

Will said...

oh lord... poor you jdid...

i find three weeks is still long for a wisdom teeth thingy before eating solid food... is one teeth you had removed or more than one?

i feel sorry for you... try GC's idea re: blending up everything you can... you never know - you may discover a new way to eat flying fish if you just get inventive and creative!

mouth issues suck... hope you feel well soon...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ow, ow, ow, poor JDid.

Boil de food soff, especially potatoes and green plantain...nah eat too much meat. But if you got to have the meat, eat chicken and boil it soff. Drink cold things.

I had to extract a wisdom tooth too, but this didn't require sugery, just pull it out, not cut and stitch. So I coulda eat.

But I think I have an infection too, because I feel a sliiiight soreness up to now. Dentist for me too.

Ow, ow, me feel sorry for you.

I got a story to share about a lady who lose day...I gon put it on me blog.