Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What a bam bam

Wuhloss the people doing dixie wid the Tiger talk!

Everywhere ya going is speculation and accusation and talk about the murderation that Tiger wife allegedly inflect on he. Whax, Palax, Bruggadown Brax! Ya wud think she name Bamm Bamm Ruble the way dem say she proficent wid the club. Cuhdear!

And what inflaming the chat is that Tiger tek long long long before he come out wid some weak statement on he website about he is the only body to blame an nobody aint seeing he face at all to know how badly injured he is.

And poor poor Elin, the wife. People now got she class as bad or worse-er than Chris Brown saying that she lash the great Tiger so bad he turn puddy cat. Cuhdear!

But looka let me just say that the situation look suspicious. Adding two and two together here dont come out to four cause the man get injured so bad all from just reversing in the driveway and not speeding and no airbags deploy. Plus how come the wife lash out the back windows of the car like she was Jasmine "I bust the windows out your car" Sullivan step sister. Wha she couldnt pull he out the front windows or side windows. He did trap upside down or something so?

An whichpart Tiger was going at 2:15 in the morning so the night after Thanksgiving? He was getting in line for a Black Friday sale on golf equipment or trying to get a cheap flat screen tv before them sell out or he was gine to check for something else? I know nuhbody din getting me outta my house at 2:15 in the morning so I hope he had good cause to be leffin home that time a night.

I aint know something aint sound right.

But poor Tiger, this is a perfect example of damned if ya do damned if ya dont. If he give details we going say um sound fishy and if he keep quiet we gine say he covering up. And what to do. Dey claiming he have a outside woman an dat is why the wife lash he. Well ya know how that would look fa he career if u was true? From Cablinasian he and he career would turn black one time. Bye bye endorsements and fans. An he cant as well say boy I did running from the wife who was lashing me wid a 9 iron eidda cause the fellas would laugh and all that invincible aura on the golf course gone through the eddoes too an wid it endorsements and fans. So yes rock and hard place got Tiger trapped proper.

Not sure wha he gine do but I wish he luck. Not that he need um cause he rich and Cablinasian an can afford PR people and ting so but still well I hope this aint news fa too long cause frankly is not that newsworthy.

Still Tiger in the car is a Bam bam!


Anonymous said...

He should have kept his thing in his pants. Don't care what happens to him-guess he will still be rich and playing his golf.
If your not happy - leave.

That lady does not play though, she rips it. Chris Brown is now a lady!

Radmila said...

Why do people who have so much to lose take such risks?

How would he think that the skanks he plays with will keep their mouths shut for good?

More women are coming out of the woodwork now to get paid for their stories...now, even women he didn't touch will be looking for a payout.

I'll never understand people who are willing to risk their reputations for a little bit of ass.

Anonymous said...

Tiger is like any other man dat thinks with the bottom head and not the top. he just released a msg on his site talking bout he sorry for his indiscretions and he human and ein perfect. Oh well this will blow ova, christmas coming and he gine ghi Ellen or whaeva she name some mega million diamond and super expensie car, and it gine be all ova wid

Guyana-Gyal said...

And I hear is a lady in Oz. Downunda.

When I think of that big wedding and everything.

I feel for that wife.

I've seen my cuz suffer because of cheating husband.

GC (God's Child) said...

>he and he career would turn black one time
i love it
too true

Luke Cage said...

Oh Tiger, Tiger, Tiger… you naughty ol’ big cat you!

Anonymous said...

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