Sunday, May 30, 2010

He aint dead


Wuhloss! The Barbados Prime Minister, the right honorable David Thompson is sick. So much so that he is currently in North America seeking treatment for his ailment and has left the country in the capable hands of his deputies and parliamentarians. I wish him much better and gine say a prayer fa he.

Saturday evening, I chilling at the return of a somewhat watered down Barbados on the Water (yes um wasnt as good as previous years I says so) when all a sudden my cell phone beep.
"Whichpart you is?"
I still down hayso at Barbados on the Water.
"You hear anything?"
Anything bout wha?
"Somebody from Barbados juss ring me an tell me that David Thompson dead."
Whoa! My heart skipped a beat for a minute. Imagine the man dead the same day all we Toronto bajans down hay at the Harbourfront celebrating Barbados doah. Cuhdear!
"Naa I aint hear nuttin so"

And it proved just to be another false rumor thankfully but one that apparently was making its rounds bout de place as I noted from a few internet searches later that evening.

All I have to say is cuhdear why wunnah trying to kill poor David fa? He do wunnah someting dat wunnah wanta see he dead off? Cuhdear nuh! That is typical of a lot of we Bajan and by extension West Indian people once dem hear somebody sick doah ya know. We duz revel in killing people before dem time and speculating bout what u is dem got.

I mean de man say he sick, we see dat he loss some weight and he say he gine New York fa tests and evabody got a say and opinion now. Bout the place ya hearing that he got evating from Leptospirosis to strictsha to goadies. (I gine gi wunnah $5 if wunnah kno wha strictsha is, if ya living in Barbados now ya disqualified from entering doah)

And is not only bajan people speculating and rumor mongering too ya kno cause last week my wife come home and tell she dat one Trini woman say she hear he suffering wid such n such to which I had to ask my wife but wait how this woman know suh good unless somebody from TnT gi um ta he. And den I wud gotta start wondering why de Trickidadians like dem trying to get ridda we head a state.

But I aint kno wha wrong wid des wufless people. The man sick yes but why wunnah got to be killing he off. All a we aint gine dead in due course nuh. Chupse. Looka leff Mr Thompson whapart he is ya.

And when people sick try an pray fa duh instead a trying to play Dr House and speculate pun wha um is dem got an wha um is dem doan got.

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Abeni said...

I only recently heard he was ill.I wish him a full recovery,

How you liking your windies?