Thursday, June 03, 2010

Faux Pas?

Disclaimer: I aint claiming to have nuh fashion sense ya hear and disclaimer two I aint got nuh problem wid people an hair cause I got hair too but if ya did see wha I see at lunchtime today ya wud be saying de same ting I sayin now.

Walking down the road at lunch I see this young girl pushing a bicycle on the sidewalk. From the time I look pun she I say something wrong but is only on second glance that I realize wha the issue was. See the woman was wearing a t-shirt and a pair a dem three quarter pants dat de women duz wear I think wunnah duz call dem capris or something so.

Anyways see my girl, her arms and legs expose and her arms smooth smooth and hairless and the woman legs hairy hairy looking like she in need of an afro comb or like she is part hobbit.

Now like I say the issue din that she hairy, if she hairy she hairy I aint got nuh problem wid dat more power to she fa not conforming to the norms an ting so. No the issue was that she legs hairy and she wearing elf boots mekkin um worse and then in complete contrast to that she arms bare bare bare like the neck on a bare neck chicken, not a hair at all at all. Um was like somebody glue one body torso pun a different body else legs. Now I aint no fashionista but dat look like a fashion faux pas to me.


GC {God's Child} said...

too funy. . .elf boots. Yes, hairy leg people should consider not wearing elf boots. hippie sandales yes! elf boots, not.

Lola Gets said...

All I have to say is, dont Google "elf boots". Cuz youll see all kindsa foolishness!