Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thoughts from G20 - Saturday

Please note these are just my thoughts from watching this crap on TV as I was no where near downtown.

- Lawless so called protesters are breaking windows at people's stores. Doesn't even seem like most of the stores are big businesses just small man little mom n pop type operations. How is this helping anything? I wish someone would catch all the culprits and make them pay for the damages.

- The Mayor and Police chief keep saying that they didn't expect this level of violence. Really? Hello! Did you not see the same videos of fires and water cannons from protests at previous summits. G20 meetings breed violence, this is well known. What is this we didn't expect this crap. How can you say that and still have taken all these precautions?

- They just showed a picture of a couple down at the protests with a camera and their baby in a stroller. Seriously? You bring you baby down to a protest where 5 police cars were burnt. Where is children's services when you need them.

- Its interesting how people try to justify this assault on Toronto by saying its nothing compared to what people in other countries are experiencing. Really, that's your excuse for mashing up peoples livelihoods?

- And the argument that they are disenfranchised youth. So this gives them the right to throw feces into people's stores and smash windows at random. What a load of crap! Quite literally.

- Interesting all the so called protest crap and the G20 leaders are all but oblivious to the goings on on the street. While police risk their lives on the street to stop protesters Harper, Obama et al are all sitting down to dinner, relaxing. Got to love that!

- All things in perspective, the Toronto police have been relatively subdued. 150 arrested, didn't use any major tear gas or water cannons or sound cannons ....yet.

- 1500 police officers so far in downtown Toronto. whoa!

- No public transit service downtown, hospitals on lockdown, Eaton centre on lockdown. Imagine you live downtown and were sick or had to go to hospital. Crazy!

-Torontoist reporting police beating up protesters

- Why does the Mayor keep insisting the violent protesters are all not from Toronto? I mean I think that a majority of them aren't from here, just professional rabble rousers but you have to be open to the possibility that there are some lawless Torontonians see this as a chance to start some ish.

- Amazing how many people are just down there to see what is happening and taking photos. I mean I love taking photos but no way was I leaving my home with a camera to go down to a violent protest.

And this is just Saturday. Imagine what's going to happen tomorrow?

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BajanSistren said...

I am a big-able woman and I wouldn't find myself nowhere near downtown. What brand a idiot would bring a baby in a stroller in dat mess? Some people just shouldn't be allowed to procreate....STUPSE!