Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Jesus walks

"We got a raghead in Washington [referring to Obama]," Knotts said. "We don't need another raghead in the governor's mansion." Original Story: Knotts Calls Haley, Obama Ragheads

Raghead is a slur which refers to Arabs or Indian Sikhs who wear traditional headdresses.

Knotts was directly referring to Haley, whose parents are immigrants from India. Haley, a state representative also is from Lexington County, has said numerous times that she is a practicing Methodist.

Knotts believes Haley is not Christian, and that she is saying she is for political reasons.
I always find two things funny bout these socalled white "christian" people in North America eh. The first is related specifically to the wuns in the US. Why is it that they feel that everybody that run for some sorta political office got to be christian? Like if ya is from anudda religion ya cant be as good at running a country or a city or whatever organization cause supposedly ya have different values etc and will destroy the American way of life. Like being muslim or some other religion automatically makes you a worse person than they are. To me that is laughable.

And the second one and this applies to all all the white so called Christians in North America is that they duz assume that once ya got lil color in ya skin or lil accent or a name that they have trouble pronouncing ya cant be Christian or ya cant have grown up Christian ya wudd had to convert at some point later in life. Who fool these people or dem just fall victim to the fraud wid all them Europeanized pictures a Jesus and feel that them is the only ones that can call demselves Christian. I feel dat is why ya duz find churches so segregated up hayso in North America. chupse, dese people duz mek ya sick.


Empath said...

They make me sick too. What's more it seems to be a lot of racist comments coming out of the wood-work since Obama won. They are disrespectful and are open with their hate (Rand Paul). Then they get called on it and issue half baked apologies (if they do at all). Obama has got to be the most patient man alive right now.

Anonymous said...

They only showing their true colors. But the thing to do is ignore dem ignurant azzes..

@Empath - That is why Obama is President, cause the rest of us folks of Color be it black, Muslim, Hindy, Hispanic or Asian we woulda dunn cuss dem so-call white Christians out aready.


GC {God's Child} said...

The trouble is, these are the same people who believe in missionary work. . . but they don't seem to think their conversion efforts work.