Friday, July 23, 2010

Communing with Animals

Lawd ave mercy looka wha dis world coming to!

St. Peter’s Anglican Church has long been known as an open and inclusive place.

So open, it seems, they won’t turn anyone away. Not even a dog.

That’s how a blessed canine ended up receiving communion from interim priest Rev. Marguerite Rea during a morning service the last Sunday in June.

According to those in attendance at the historical church at 188 Carlton St. in downtown Toronto, it was a spontaneous gesture, one intended to make both the dog and its owner – a first timer at the church — feel welcomed. But at least one parishioner saw the act as an affront to the rules and regulations of the Anglican Church. He filed a complaint with the reverend and with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto about the incident – and has since left the church.

Wunnah cud believe dat doah? De priest-ess gi de dog communion in de people church! Imagine that!

And fa all the non-church people dat gine say wha dis a trivial issue compared to priests sexual assaulting an de pope an rah rah rah. Is a different issue an wunnah cud put um in whatever perspective wunna want but um is an issue anyways an um is the one I decide to tackle. So like um or lump um. Dun. And yes I in an antagonistic mood so doan mess wid me this blessed day.

Man wunnah animal people gone too far now. Too too far this time, a line has been crossed. But imagine that though. The holy sacrament given to a dog by a priest? Wha dem wafers is doggie treats now? chupse!

To me this makes a incredible mockery of the whole communion act. How you going to give a animal communion? Wha this flies against anything that ya read in the bible or that Jesus ever teach. Absolute ridiculousness. And wid de sorta animal people we got these days ya know ya duz only gotta gi dem a inch an dem duz tek a mile. Wha next ting dem wud be telling ya that little Ruff Ruff wanta be ordained an he halfway to priesthood cause he already used to wearing a round collar.

Looka muh crosses though.

But step back though, just step back a minute. Y'all dat know anything bout church (de resta wunnah heathens keep quiet) notice anything else wrong here? Maybe its just me but I figure if a fella just step into you church for the first time as was suggested by the article then he shouldn't be in line to tek no communion.

Yes I know the priest dont ask for no id or baptismal papers when he handing out communion (and maybe he should hmmm) and is between you and ya maker to know if you eligible or not but still. The whole point of communion is that its a commemoration of a covenant between you and the lord so you gotta be straight or ya should be straight wid ya life and ya commitment to the savior. I lie?

And priests and Christians gotta realize a lot lotta a people nowadays doan know nuttin bout church and communion an duz juss be following fashion. Dem see everybody else get up and get a sip a wine an a pieca wafer an figure dem gine join de buffet line too cause duh mout dry.

Naa man I feel that priests and priestesses need to state plainly look if ya not right wid ya maker doan be coming up here to get nuh free wine. This aint dat sorta gathering atall atall. See it an doan see it an doan let um tempt ya eidda. Leff it off one time! Well not in dem words exactly but something elegant and more friendly and wid some tact an dem sorta skills dat I apparently lack but wid de said same exact point.

Cause the thing is they devaluing the act of communion and the people that know better ie the christians and the christian leaders letting um slide an saying a fella aint kno nuh better. Well who fault um is that he aint kno nuh better is wunnah wun cause wunnah need to explain to the fella wha he doing before he do um.

Let he know membership has its privileges, free wine, free wafer, free afterlife etc etc but doan let he get up an guh having the communion an aint paying he dues so to speak.


Radmila said...

The church is in a bad way...and is trying to keep attendance up.
By making concessions like this, and allowing people to come to church dressed any old way...trying to draw people to the church. I think they'd best not focus so much on relaxing on the details and focus more on punishing those pedos they've got working for them. Maybe then, people would have more faith in the church.

GC {God's Child} said...

where I go, we make you wash each other's feet first. . . if your foot can't be washed on account of it ending in a paw, well, then, "dog nyam yuh suppa"

Guyana-Gyal said...

What I can't get over is HOW MUCH $$ people spend on their pets and there are so many children who can be helped with that money.

AirBourne said...

Soooo - I'm the only one who found the story funny? Bajans too fussy on Anglicanism... You know St Patrick's RC here in Bim on Bay St observes St Francis of Assisi day and ENCOURAGES their parishioners to bring their pets for blessing?

Abeni said...

Dogs are people too..Don't hate

Ruthibelle said...

correction. Dos are NOT people. How can dogs be people. Dogs are, well, dogs!!

But they also are creatures. Deserving of love. I mean, have you sen a cute puppy llately, or irresistible doggy eyes?? Those critters are meant to be loved :)

titilayo said...

I disagree that somebody who stepped foot in the church for the first time shouldn't go up for communion. If you are a member of the Christian community, you should have a right to go up and take your communion in any church whether it's your first, last or only time there. The covenant you celebrate is with God, not with any one particular church. It is for you to know or don't know whether you feel you have the right to be in the communion line.

But I agree with you that dogs should not be given communion; that is just foolishness. I have no problem with people bringing their animals to church for blessing on the feast of St. Francis. There is a man who attends the church that I do, who has a seeing-eye dog, and that dog get a blessing from the priest every Sunday, but blessing an animal is different from giving out communion wafers. The priest like she wasn't thinking right at all. She right to be embarrassed about it.

Jdid said...

for the record Titilayo I didnt mean first time in that particular church to refer to christians going to a different church i meant it as a general reference as in you are not a christian, you may have been to church for a wedding or a easter service but you are not baptised and such so I stand by my belief that those folks shouldnt just be walking u willy nilly to the alter to get communion.