Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bad man forward

Bad man pull up! screech!!!!

Police Officer Feris D. Jones, 50, the hero off-duty cop who on Saturday went gun-to-gun with an accused Brooklyn beauty shop robber. Called a "battlefield promotion," her elevation and presentation of a gold shield is a rare distinction.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg honored Jones for her poise and marksmanship in a ceremony at City Hall's Blue Room.

Jones is a humble heroine. "Call me 'Jonesy'," the 20-year NYPD veteran told PIX 11 News. During the could-of-been deadly duel, "Jonesy" shot the gun out of the teenage suspect's hand and shot the handle off the beauty shop door, slowing his escape.

Big up to officer Jones! Oh and she is a bajan too so double big up!

To the would be robber, one teenager Winston Cox you know why this happen right? You try to rob a beauty salon. Are you crazy son?

Looka let me break it down for you this way. Now I aint no expert nor nuttin on beauty salons and them things but from what I gather from the women in my life I hear dat usually black women duz gotta wait long long long at beauty salons. I mean appointment one time an 5 hours later you still deyso. So now I can juss imagine a whole heap a black women in this place Saturday waiting cause the appointment was 930 but is 130 now and the hair still aint get wash or something so and dem deyso fuming, really to throw a lash in the next body that aggravate them.....

An in walks you, Coxy boy wid you gun talking bout you gine rob people. Oh hells no! Ya lucky is only one gunshot ya get an um wasnt serious cause if dem women did ketch ya at all, god couldnt help ya boy.

An ya know officer Jones was probably especially cruel too like girl I hayso wasting my whole mornin in this chair trying to get my hair did an now this pieca poppit trying to rob me. Chupse! Looka I aint got nuh time fa this foolishness. pow! You feel you is a man come to rob big women! pow pow ! hold this gunshot in ya so n so den!

I hope that fella learn he lesson.

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