Monday, October 25, 2010


Ok, is only two days gone and all we bajans still in mourning but I got a certain beef with the whole Bajan Prime Minister David Thompson illness dying thing. Sorry if its not in keeping with the mourning motif but just need to say it anyways.

Look, I keep hearing from the time it was said that he was sick, comments made by various people (and no it wasnt silly online comments) some who I thought were rather smart folk that seem to suggest that his focus on being prime minister led to his demise. Stuff like oh he was so keen on being PM and he work so hard to get there and then bram he dead. Now I aint saying a majority a people saying so, quite far from it, but I'm just saying I've heard those silly comments maybe one time to often and they seem to me to be ridiculously suggesting that there is a correlation, some sort of cause and effect between the two things, his aim to be PM and his death.

Its not blatant but its subliminally one of those lowered expectation things. Like see he strived for a goal and then because he reached that goal it kill he or he dead cause he was too focused on being PM. I think this is the most nonsense I have ever heard and its a bad precedent and example to be sending to the youth cause the flip side they gine read is just guhlong, play the tail or at least not strive hard for goals cause in the long run it going kill ya. Which is total absolute b.s

Is it possible that he might have missed symptoms of his illness because of work commitments? Yes. But its not like saying well if he had said I just want to be a regular dude he wouldnt have died of cancer at age 48 which is basically what these comments suggest to me.

Instead of saying look see how the man strive for a goal and was determined to reach it and to somehow put his best foot forward for his country and assist in its development and such we subliminally pushing this alternative thinking that working hard and being single minded in a goal is extremely extremely bad and will kill you so is best to just chill, drink some drinks or smoke some weed and aimlessly wander though life.

This is not the type of thing we should be trying to tell the yout dem.

I mean not to say that being single minded to the exclusion of all else is great either but I'm pretty sure thats not what Thompson was like. When its your time its your time, it doan matter if you a bum or a PM so why not strive to be the best that you can be?

At the end of the day, David Thompson could say I wrote my name on history's page. He may not have achieved all that he would have liked but he tried hard, he fought to achieve a goal and to assist his country and he has left his name and a legacy. When you look at it that way how can it be a negative to strive to be all you can be?

I hope the youth take note of his work and strive to make their mark like he did.

There I done. Back to mourning.


Empath said...

First off let me give my condolences. I hear you on this one. It seems as though people feel compelled to say stuff without thinking about it first, especially when it comes to something as delicate as death. You're right, he has made a mark and regardless of what caused his demise he will still be remembered as PM of Barbados. People just like to talk.

Guyana-Gyal said...

So sorry to hear about his death.

Jdid, the ignorant will always say foolish things. I refuse to believe that educated people say things like that.

But you're right, what will young people think if they hear nonsense like that?

Abeni said...

Yup nonsense talk. If politics killed him won't we be able to see a pattern?