Friday, June 24, 2011


We all know that things on tv is nothing like real life but sometimes the differences are too funny.

Take for instance today, mi on the subway coming work and a nice looking young girl sit in one of the seats opposite with her ipod on. Suddenly she starts humming melodically but loudly to the song she's listening to. And then she breaks into song...............
Now allya know if this was tv, that young lady would have a voice from heaven, the voice of an undiscovered diva and all we in the train would be in awe and rapture, jaws dropped, thinking is how come she no have record contract like Mariah and Whitney and J Hudson? Of course too there would be a record exec on board who would jump up and down and try and sign her to his label on the spot and of course there would be the possibility of total strangers on the train jumping up and spontaneously dancing (with rhythm) an a big jam session going on all the way to work. That is what would happen on tv. I lie?

Well boy dis aint no Hollywood fiction is TTC fact. The woman start sing an de only note she cud keep is if she had a bank note or love note in she pocketbook.

Looka, when the woman let loose the first sounds of melody nuh lie, my two ears jump up from whichpart dem was sitting and run to the back a me head to hide. Still aint gone back yet either. All like now I got to spin mi head to listen to anything in front me.

Lawd, talk about cats howling. I doan know what possess this woman open she mout pun the people train at all. I feel is cause she had on the headphones and din realize how bad she sound but I still feel dat aint no excuse cause she shudda kno long time dat de only time she cud carry a tune is when she walkin bout wid a laptop wid itunes installed.

The first two attempted notes start an all we in the train even the sleeping people, look roun quick quick so to find out where that awful cacophony was coming from.

Well boy luckily she like she notice people staring at she wid pained expressions on their faces, like dem just loss a relative, and quick so in two twos the lil impromptu concert did dun an we could guh back to sleep.

I still waiting fi mi ears to return to normal though.


Diedra B said...

ha! good one about the ears

Guyana-Gyal said...

Heehee, somebody shoulda tap she on she shoulder and ask she, in very concerned tone, if she is okay.

Or stand up in front o' she and start to conduct music like them conductors of choir.

Got to admit, I like when people sing, outta chune an' all...people here don't sing.

chrome said...

first sign of madness huh? lol! but you gotta give her kudos for stirring up an otherwise uneventful journey. she'll blush if she read this :)