Monday, July 11, 2011


The posts have been sparse of recently. I aint sure why eidda. I duz have lots of things to say but for whatever reason eidda I duz think a dum when I aint close to the computer or I duz think to muhself well somebody else musse say this aready so why bother wasting me time to rehash something sumbody already say.

Plus I finally was beating de facebook addiction when duh finally talk me into this twitter and google plus business. Yes lawd ave mercy in case it wasnt already abundantly clear I am now officially a twit! @jdidthoughts if ya please! I like to think a meself as the pied piper of blogland so ah dare any a wunnah to follow me cause I not sure allya gine be happy where ya end up. lol

Anyway mi fellow bloggers I duz still read wunnah and sometimes wunnah duz well inspire me to think bout posting a ting cause some a wunnah duz helf dem words like artistes and wield dem like swords an I duz say to muhself wuhloss I wish I could be as creative as he/she. Big up to wunnah! A bit intimidating sometimes though to tell de truth and then the inspiration duz evaporate quick like alcolada glacial on ya hand. Wait dat duz still mek cause I aint kno de last day I see a bottle a dat.

So see mi, I still hay. Wha else mi got to say?

Well for one mi notice that mi doan like de bike riders downtown in dis city. A mean I neva was one an I aint a downtown driver but lawd dese bicycle riders down hay duz ride like dem own de people roads.

First off I doan get the whole bike ting. Is you or is you not a vehicle? Cause at one point ya following the traffic lights like a car an at the next point ya follwing the lights like ya is a pedestrian or up pun people pavement. Um is very very confusing ya kno.

An I mean I aint a big fan of some a de new mayor plans but I think the cyclists get through liking under the old regime and dem feel dem is boss a de roads. And dem got quite a few that always looking to fight. Dem need anger management classes. Any little infraction jumping off bike to smash up people car and challenge drivers. Yes is dangerous riding bout tis place but allya duz act like evry little thing dat happen on the road, a driver do it deliberately to injure wunnah. I jus waiting fa ona des days to see ona wunnah test de wrong driver an get wunnah soul case pop in. Cause I know it gine happen sooner or later and den ya gine hear everybody complain bout the driver even though wunnah at fault.

But that is that, is allya fight. I aint driving downtown and I aint on no bike so as long as wunnah doan run me over pun the sidewalk I juss happy to sit back and observe.

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