Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rush rush

Wow, its been over a month since I posted. My apologies, been crazy busy its like work never stops. Miss you guys.

Anyway, I've been working at a new location for the last few months, one that's closer to the downtown core which means a longer commute for me. I'm now almost in the heart of the business district in Toronto and the one thing I notice about that area is how rushed everyone is. Its like that old adage time is money has been giving physical life by the denizens of this area.

And its funny cause although the folk down there are usually supposedly better paid and better educated and clearly better dressed that the rest of us who don't normally work down there I can say for certain they simply aren't better mannered. I tell ya people, this whole rush rush attitude duz produce some of the most unmannerly people in the city.

Patience is sorely lacking and pushing and rushing just tek over.

For instance I realize that down there no one walking ever obeys the traffic lights if they dont have to. If there is a gap in traffic they will dart across the road. Even if they are all waiting at the light they will start walking on the red (when some cars try to turn) before the walk signal is visible. An god forbid if a driver get vex , dem right back getting vex at he too.

And don't get me started about all dem fancy dress people on the subway and how them duz push ya bout like cattle. lawd a mercy! like if dem is 10 seconds late the world going end or something. but then I not in dem big business financial circles so i can only see from mi own lil perspective.

So when I see de odda poor people start occupy wall street and bay street and sesame street to protest them big business people in dem suit an tie and I realize how rush rush and unmannerly dem business people really is. I duz say to myself well maybe de I parents was wrong, maybe manners dont mek man, maybe rush rush and sty like hoggishness once ya dress nice is the way to go.

Meek inheriting which earth? Chupse, dat like is a bare fable.


chrome said...

know about longer commutes. I try keep it down to jobs no further than 1 hour away from home. Funny about the business districts and people rushing up and down, headless chicken half of them. You really understand the rat race when you work amongst them

lol! I liked that occupy sesame street we can get the Count to count the protesters. "1 ... 1 protester, 2" :))

Guyana-Gyal said...

Time is $$ for me. I earn per hour.