Sunday, November 20, 2011

Roy Ayers

Just had to share.

I met Roy Ayers last night!!! No kidding y'all. Apparently he's in town for a show tonight.

I hope allya or at least some a ya know who Roy Ayers is cause it dont seem none of my friends do except for Single Serving Diva. So see me after meeting the man and texting and emailing all my people and they responding is who is dis Roy Ayers fella? chupse! way to bring me down folks, way to bring me down.

Anyways Roy Ayers is a muscican who plays jazz-funk soul type stuff which has been sampled numerous times in hip hop and rnb in the last two decades. I mean artists from Mary J to Puffy to Smif nWessun have sampled this guy and I've loved his music since I discovered it about 20 years ago.

So see me walking up Yonge street yesterday evening killing some time before attending a function and I decide to check in Play De Record which I used to frequent nuff when I was in school and knew the release date for every record coming out but havent been into more than twice in the last 10 years.

So I'm at the front and the owner is like you know Roy Ayers. I'm thinking strange question but yea. He's like Roy Ayers is in the back. Ya have a camera? Go back there he will take a picture with you. I'm like get the bleep out of here son! But nope head back and there is Roy Ayers lounging and signing autographs promoting his show and his new cd. Wow!

And let me say yo dude is mad nice! I mean I've met a few celebrities over the years (including some bajan and caribbean ones) who have been super full of themselves and look down their nose at you but dude was genuine and super cool. While I was there a dj came in and asked him to do a drop. Roy spent like 6 minutes doing drop after drop for the cat. Just like that, no asking for a fee nothing.

But I guess he's no Drake so wasnt no big lineup in the rain with people roun the corner to see him. Still would have thought more people would be there to check him out. Oh well, their loss my gain.


chrome said...

that is large, Roy is literally the man. was listening to '2000 black' on the way to work today, dude is an excellent musician and artist.

hahaha "Roy who?". what happens when you dig in the crates with your music taste, folks be left scratching their heads when you mention an artist or play music. don't worry you're in good company brother

raregroover said...

What a fluke you were walking by at the right time and got to meet him..very cool coincidence indeed.

I agree, I thought there would have been a much bigger turnout, seeing how this was such a great event lined up at the store. I met him back in '96 after a show, but there was no way I was going to miss this awesome opportunity to see him at Playde and have a few things signed at the same time..shame on me for rushing out of the house without my camera, however.

I would hope that after you happened to be there for the meet and greet, this would have been a sign for you that you were meant to purchase a ticket for the show as well. If not, you missed out my friend, as Roy and his band tore the roof off of the place.

Diedra B said...

I know of Roy Ayers, but what or who is Smiff & Wessun

Guyana-Gyal said...

Well, I can be forgiven, I mean, look where I live, far from it all. I see Chrome says he's a musician and artist which means I gon definitely google!

This make me wonder who I would be excited to

Single-Serving Diva said...

I was thinking about this story today...LOL!

AirBourne said...

Sandra Simmons on 900 one nite introduced me to him via his "Poo Poo La La" - it is one of the most difficult songs to find and one of my Desert Island faves!