Friday, December 30, 2011


Well this will probably be my last random post of 2011 which as you guys can tell wasn't really a prolific writing year. But all the best to you all for the new year and thanks for sticking around and reading this blog for another year.

So anyway, (this one going be short) I've been noticing on the web some/alot of photos with randomly ghetto looking people posing off with money. (this pose along with the self portraits with one holding a camera phone in the bathroom seen to be perennial favorites.) This led me to ponder whats the deal with posing with money? Is this an attempt to make you look rich or richer than you are, to let people know you get/stay paid as the vernacular goes? Whats the point?

I also pondered well if I had money would I take pictures with it? And is it safe to take photos with yourself showing off lots and lots of money. Like isn't it a tad bit stupid.

I mean you don't see Warren Buffet or Donald Trump posing in a room full of cash and those dudes are loaded so why do poorer folks do that type of stuff?

For my one part I'm thinking if I had money like that and assuming I hadn't gotten to the bank to deposit it, I'd be tucking it into mi underwear and running down the street like I on fire trying to find a bank to deposit it in. But I guess there are certain businesses and careers where it pays to show off some but still random photos of you spreading out wads of cash in your hand just seem so pathetic and begging for attention.

Anyways I dun. Happy new year to all


Guyana-Gyal said...

Maybe it ain't real money that they're posing with..?

We want so much material stuff today, that money's become our only goal in life.

Have a wonderful new year filled with all the people who care for you, J.

When you can, you will blog fully again.

Abeni said...

Happy New Year me frend

Ardean said...

"We want so much material stuff today, that money's become our only goal in life."

I think that says it. And so instead of posing with the 'nice' things you buy with all the money you have - you pose with the money.
That and, they probably have some money, but really not enough to buy the [insert fancy car name] that gives the 'status' of being 'rich'.

Quotes cause those words are so contextual :)