Monday, September 09, 2013


Last week was the first week of school for elementary and high school kids. I was expecting the streets to be crazy with traffic last Tuesday or maybe Wednesday once everyone got back into the swing of things but really aside from a few extra kids on my school bus it wasn't all that bad.

Compare that to today when University students also started in earnest and the traffic pileup got serious. I mean my usual 10 minute bus ride took about 20 minutes and the subways were more packed than they have been since last March.

It also feels although I have no proof to back it up like whole sectors of the employed just take the summer off cause as you look around the crowding doesn't readily appear to be caused by school kids and university students it seems to be an influx of workers who you didn't see all summer.

I guess maybe people change their schedules but it just feels like folks were off all summer and just started back work.

Oh well time to factor back in that additional 10 to 15 minutes for travel time.

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VirginiaC said...

I'm sure you already know what it's like here when school starts back....the traffic is horrendous.
Leaving a bit earlier usually helps.