Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tweet Tweet

Yes I like to make fun of twitter. Sorry I cant help it.

Yes I have a twitter account. Sigh yes I can admit it without complete and utter total shame....but just barely.

I actually use it once every year during the NBA draft (for following sports writers) and then I promptly forget that its there so I cant say its absolutely useless but at the same time I think people duz tek this tweeting thing too seriously and it has affected our lives with trivial nonsense and a preponderance of #hashtags

Some folk just seem to take this tweeting thing so seriously though.

The newest word I keep hearing lately is twitter feud. Yes I know its been around a while but I just start really thinking about it so bear with me.

To me, it is the internet version of you and ya neighbour cussing one another from behind the veranda louves but allya too shame to come out in the front road and really go at it face to face. 'Dropping remarks' as we bajans would say. Innuendo and smart talk. And is not only youts that duz get caught up in this. Big hardback man with position and status in society duz get caught up in twitter feud. Seriously dudes??

So ya see how serious people duz really tek this tweeting. Remember when sticks and stones but not words could harm you? Well them 140 words and hashtags aint like ordinary words its seems like they duz hit some folk real real hard these days.

And it duz be funny how twitter duz mek seemingly sane people just shoot open dem mout and get into trouble by saying some sort of ill-conceived remark. Think before you tweet people.  I see all sorta foolish stories about this man and that woman get arrest or lose dem job or did something detrimental to their career because of some half thought, ill spoken 140 word message on twitter like de poppit up here the odda day that was looking for weed using twitter an the police say something to he an next thing ya know he job fire he.  Cant blame them. I mean I wouldn't want my employee tweeting about trying to score some illegal drugs on the job would you?

Seriously twitter is the great equalizer cause stupidee and smart people alike addicted and duz get caught up in this twit thing.

And ya know what is a big joke to me nowadays. People nowadays dont break up by calling up one another and saying "skipper I done wid you" and slamming down the phone or throwing somebody clothes thorough the window or front door. No ya know how ya duz know when somebody brek up with you nowadays? They duz unfriend ya on Facebook or unfollow you on twitter. Erase all trace of your digital footprint from their lives.

That is how I did really know that Rhianna did seriously leffing Chris Brown cause she finally unfollowed him on twitter. The twerker girl cant remember she name now I was told she brek up wid she man and she unfollowed he on twitter. Its like the virtual equivalent of changing the locks on the front door. "Get ya georgie bundle and get de hell outta muh place! and I gine unfollow ya narrow behind too!"

Man even a big man like basketball star Kobe Bryant did so fed up when fellow basketballer Dwight Howard left the Lakers that he unfollowed him on twitter. That is serious, serious vexation there boy,. Unfollowing is like a big chupse followed by two big rocks pelt at a fella. Which begs the question But what if somebody din wanta follow you in the first place? My wife doan follow me on twitter. Wha dat mean? Should I be concerned? #wuhlossmuhwifewunfolllowme

And I wonder if being unfollowed duz have the same impact on the unfollowed person as getting cuss out or ya clothes pelt in the street though? Like cuhdear my woman unfollow me and now I depress bad an got tabanca. If only she did only horn me I feel we coulda get ova dat but I know she aint giving me a second chance cause now she unfollow me so dis relationship dun fa good!


Guyana-Gyal said...

Look yeh, dis ting so funny, I going to tweet it! I wish you could see this stupid grin pon me face, I so happy to read dis post :-D

VirginiaC said...

I have a twitter account but I'm not a fan....must have only used it once. Who wants to know if I'm out taking a walk or going to the bathroom.
Blogging is just my speed.
Between Facebook and Twitter, people are exposing their lives in ways that I find just awful.
Loved your take on twittering and romance though.