Thursday, April 24, 2014


So there is a video knocking around of a Trinidadian mother beating the crap out of her 12 year old daughter because the daughter was apparently being tummuch woman an posting provocative sexual type photos on Facebook. a rude she well rude!

If a can find de link ah will link it but trust me I could only watch about two minutes of the 6 minute video cause the mother beat she like a bobolee. (bobolee - A stuffed effigy of Judas which was tied by the neck and dragged through the streets on Good Friday, usually followed by youths with sticks, beating it until it fell apart.)

The thing is after the beating the mother decided to post the video to facebook or youtube or somewhere online. I guess the hope is that it publicly shames the daughter. And ya know afterwards when they talk to the mother she aint have no shame either infact she like she feel she is a hero.

Now I've had some arguments regarding the video and the whole beating and maybe I've grown soft from living in North America for so long but I think the whole thing is ridiclulous.

Let me start by saying that I'm not one of those go in the corner, no dinner, no tv, go to your room punishment types who shies away from corporal punishment. That said I think the mother is in the wrong here. I'm not saying dont discipline the child, or even dont pelt some lashes in she if she behaving bad. I'm saying this particular beating was excessive. I'm also saying that publicly shaming the child by putting the beating on social media was totally uncalled for.

Now I will probably get cuss by other Caribbean people cause we too love to beat sometimes but like I argued somewhere else corporal punishment is just one tool in the parents toolbox and I think it is a tool that probably should be used sparingly. Yes some will argue from the whole spare the rod, spoil the child angle and sometimes that is true but at the same time just how every repair you need to do at your house cannot be completed with a hammer every issue you have with your child cannot be solved by beating.

Then we come to the posting the video online bit. I understand ya trying to shame the chile but was that necessary after the beating? You just getting big people involve in your home affairs that aint need to be involve in your home affairs. Yes the girl made a mistake posting whatever pictures she post but you just compounding it now by posting that video. Allya lucky is not north America ya live in too cause the child services wud be at ya door wid de police an arrest ya for child abuse with that video as evidence.

Poor girl too now everybody in the world gine see she an from now on til the end of time oh she is the gyul dat she mudda cut she tail pun facebook. Man dat aint fair to the lil girl. Ah mean she young an she mek a mistake doan treat she like a hardback offender cause that video aint gine go way not after near 50,000 people worldwide see it in a matter a days.

I do find myself conflicted though cause on the other hand there are some parents today who let their children run amok and dont discipline their children at all and by dont discipline I dont just mean no licks I mean not even a good talking to they giving the children and I duz look and think to myself boy that chile need a good cutass yes.  But like in everything I think there needs to be a balance. Yes children need discipline, yes sometimes parents do spare the rod and spoil the child but on the other hand beating bad is just as bad if not worse cause its abuse.

And yes my generation grew up in an era where belts and worse were used by parents, and teachers had bamboo rods and many of us can say yes without a strong hand we may have turned out a lot worse but a strong hand does not mean abusive beatings does it?


VirginiaC said...

The beating was excessive and created quite a stir on social media.
Parents seem to be using Facebook a lot these days to post how they discipline and embarrass their children.
I grew up with lashes and disciplinary actions that could be deemed as abuse these days. I became quite fearful.
I did not want that for my daughter. I knew what she loved and I would take away those privileges from her, without the hard beatings and shoutings.
That way worked for me.

Jdid said...

I agree Virginia. I dont understand this new need to do the public shaming of the child. Looks like the parents are seeking attention as well.

Guyana-Gyal said...

That is truly HORRIBLE. I haven't seen the video, I won't look at it.

I know children who were NEVER beaten by their parents, and they are some of the gentlest, kindest people ever. And yes, they are West Indians!

How would adults who do wrong like it if they got a whipping and shamed in public like that?

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