Friday, May 02, 2014

Donald Sterling

I wanted to write this days ago but never got the chance but I'll try to make it brief....maybe

So here are a few thoughts

- Regarding Donald Sterling's fall from grace so much has been said. He does seem like a despicable human being if the reports are to be believed and the penalty handed down by the NBA seems to be the way to go.

I wont lie though I was surprised by the severity of the penalty to restrict his association with the LA Clippers team and force him to sell. Maybe I'm just accustomed to these types of issues being dealt with with the kids gloves after the initial outrage. Still I really think that the NBA's response wasn't so much about the players and many black persons being up in arms but rather about the financial side of things. Sterling's actions caused sponsors to leave the team, sponsors leaving the team means loss money to not only the team but to the league and as those eminent poets Wu-Tang Clan once said 'Cash rules everything around me". In order to maintain or at least not lose the rest of its sponsorship and devalue the league they had to throw the book at Sterling.

- Some folks think that the penalty isn't harsh enough. They complain but if forced to sell the team Sterling will still get to keep the money. Ummm what else did you expect? He made some horrid comments but and we punish him for them but were his comments enough to tar and feather him for? I mean the team is owned by him so they have to pay him right?

-Some folks complain that he should have been dealt with way before now. Well maybe they have a point but I always come back to the old adage "day duz run til night ketch it". Sometimes bad folks aren't punished at the same time as their misdeeds. They cover their tracks or we are just no in a position to punish them but eventually that stuff catches up to them. So yes people should have been aware of Sterlings horrid discriminatory housing practices etc but at the time I don't think there was a way to punish him. Now he's brought disgrace to himself over his comments well now is when you throw the book at him

- Some folks are blaming the girl who made the tapes V.Stiviano. Well apparently "you cant trust a big butt and a smile" as LL said but really is it her fault. Did she cajole him into making racist statements? Did she make him a racist? Nope. When dem old fellas decide dem chasing young tings and he could have been her grandfather easily why we wanta blame the young tings for? Act ya age man an behave yaself. So Sterling you brought this all on yourself.

Not exactly the blog I had planned 4 days ago but I dun fa now,

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