Friday, September 05, 2014


Every few years it seem that another word is added to our list of bad words, undesirable words.

No, I not talking about cuss words ah talking about words related to food and eating an ting so. Remember years ago it was carbs and everybody was on a wuhloss I aint want no carbs, carbs not good for you, ah cutting back on carbs, hummuch carbs dat got in kick?

Cause carbs was getting ya fat and carbs was killing ya, an carbs was this that an the next. So den they start cutting out the carbs and realize wait we still need a lil carbs to live so what they do? They redefine carbs. So ya had good carbs vs bad carbs and people still all now trying to decide whether certain items in the good carb list or the bad carb list.

Then a few years ago the watchword was "Trans fats". Lawd ave mercy everybody did lining up to put up a sign saying their product din have in no trans-fats. Ah mean items dat din even have no trans fats to begin wid was putting out ads saying we aint have in no trans fat. Doan quote me on this cause I aint no nutrionist but as far as I could tell trans fats was related to oils and artificially created tings wid big words like partially hydrogenated and bio this an that an all sorta complex chemical formulas. So why is it that I saw a big fruit stand with a sign over the bananas saying we fruits aint have no trans fats knowing full well fruits neva had in no transfats? chupse!

Anyway we get past the trans fat stage now I reckon. Ah not sure what happen, eidda we eliminate dem, dey get tired of we giving dem bad name an leff de country or we just accept that trans fats bout the place an we cant get ridda dem. Not sure which it is but whatever happen we doan mention dem as much no more.

No today we got another evil to contend wid and this one may be bigger than trans fat and carbs combined if ya listen to de people bout the place.

This one name gluten.

Now doan get me wrong I know there are people for who gluten can be a real dangerous substance. For some people wid celiac disease an all that a lil gluten could really mess dem up but now we dealing wid gluten the same way we dealt with trans fats. People advertising things as gluten free to try an get a few more sales knowing full well the product never come close to gluten yet unless ya put it between a salt bread an eat um.

And while we at it is where all these people that gluten-intolerant come from? dey was hiding all the time? we using more gluten in products that we eating now than before? doctors just never used to check for gluten issues or gluten is just the big bad wolf now to blame for all an sundry symptoms? Ah juss asking cause I aint know but it seem like every other body ya talk to saying they dun wid bread or dairy or whats not cause a de gluten.

But anyway back to what I was saying. Gluten is now a bad word. Saying something got in gluten now in public is enuff to get ya bare bad looks and cut eye an ting like ya say ya shoot a fella or ya say ya doan wash ya hands after ya use de bathroom. Even people that aint gluten intolerant cutting out gluten and if ya offer them a lil pastry or something before they even tell you well thanks first thing they asking you is "wait dat got in gluten?"

Anyway I wonder how long Gluten goin be the boogeyman? We soon get tired a he an move on to some other "food bad man" to cuss and blame for our nutritional issues and illnesses. Ah wonder what will be next?


Guyana-Gyal said...

As long as people don't bad-mout plantain. I like plantain baaaad, I don't share me plantain chips!!

Seriously, I think if we eat like how dem old folks useta eat, long long ago, we might be healthier today. And don't use all dem chemicals to grow the food.

VirginiaC said...

Well I have no idea if I shouldn't be eating gluten, nor do I think I have celiac disease, but I was never much of a bread eater anyway.
I did stay away from most of the gluten cereals anyway because of my asthma, but sometimes you just gotta have some forbidden morsel.
I just had french toast for breakfast does that count?