Sunday, September 14, 2014


Times tough....still. I know everyone says the recession is over but I dont know. Maybe this is the new norm, with less people working and more businesses closed. I dont know.

Yesterday, as I crossed the street to go to the flea market, a young lady accosted me for a dollar. Her clothes didnt look that bad but the knapsack she had on her back had seen far way better days. The zip still worked but was unnecessary as the bag was torn so wide on both sides that you could pull a school text book through both sides. She uttered something about being broke and not getting paid til next Friday and I was about to fish into my pocket for some change when I noticed her hand. Her hand holding a big able Samsung S5 big face, brand name phone. I man still about 6 years away from one of them and she have big fancy phone and begging me for money? chupse!!! Naa star, not going be able to do it!

Today I've been asking random people if this next one is weird cause it seems weird to me:

So as I was leaving church I held the doors open for a young lady with a baby in a stroller. She was engrossed in conversation with another lady but said a quick thanks. The weather cold cold today, winter like it ready to jump back into we life so I hurried across the car park. Two minutes later as I'm waiting for the traffic lights to leave the car park, there is the same lady on the edge of the church property by the road with a big cardboard sign with something to the effect of "I need help, I just got laid off and I have a child to feed". Child is in stroller fidgeting and about ready to throw down a tantrum if I'm correct and did I mention the weather today not nice at all?

So is it me or is this weird that one would leave church, where love and kindness and support your fellow man is the watchword and then beg the same church people outside after they are leaving in their cars?

Just seemed really bizarre to me. 

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VirginiaC said...

I love reading your blog, you keep me filled up with Bajan sayings I no longer hear...Naa star!!
I would not have given the Galaxy S5 beggar any of my hard earned money either...I have a long way to go before I own one of those phones myself.
As for the second lady I'm not sure if her head is screwed on straight...that's more than bizarre.