Saturday, September 13, 2014


One of my better neighbours is selling his house. I wrote about him a few years ago. All around good guy and I will be sorry to see him go.

Still I cant help laughing at ths situation. Why? well you know how people usually put up a FOR SALE sign when they are selling? Well my boy doing it different. He has up a "Coming Soon FOR SALE" sign. The property hasnt actually been put on the market yet but he's giving us advanced warning. Is like de movies: blockbuster coming soon to a theatre near you.

I had to say boy me musse live in a posh neighbourhood where people have anticipation for house to be put on sale before it actually on sale.

And I had a chat with him and he say it aint going on sale for a week or two either ya know. Well well well.

Anyway its a great time to sell, the market is definetly a sellers market. I would probably sell myself but then that would make me a buyer and buyers having a rough time these days at least in Toronto and I aint see myself moving to no far out region two hours from work just yet.   Course sooner or later these children that eating me outta house an home might necessitate a change in that but I will wait til that date.

(Actually I realized this week this is 10 years I been in this house. Wow! Also 10 years I been blogging although I doan know if these two or three posts a year the last two years really considered blogging cause I start back around the summer Olympics of 2004. Time does fly.)

Nuff people in this neighbourhood have sold recently and even the houses that need plenty work like they still selling for money galore cause like I say is a sellers market. Anyway I keep getting calls from realtors asking me if I looking to sell. I asking them if they have someplace to put me once I sell but they dont have the answer for that that I looking for.

Even though I dont see him very often still going miss the neighbour that moving. He is a nice fella. Hope somebody nice move in there when he gone.


VirginiaC said...

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that another nice neighbour buys the house and moves in.
I don't want you to end up with neighbours from hell like those that moved in across the street from me....they're the disgusts of this neighbourhood.
Wish we could choose our neighbours....sigh.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I can't get over how quickly people up north sell their homes. We in Guyana build a home and live in it for life, or until we pull up stakes and move to North America.

Our family home was almost 50 years old (I think I exaggerate a little), before we sold it!

Yes, I hope you have a really nice neighbour! Ask your neighbour to choose a nice buyer.

Jdid said...

You are right GG. they think differently up here. I think because home we used to build our houses ourselves rather than buy so ya build your house and if necessary add on if ya have more family etc etc. up here the reasoning is ya buy small, then as family grow get bigger then depending on work ya may move to be closer and when ya get old ya doan want no big house to clean so you sell and buy again