Saturday, December 13, 2014


We was chatting today bout travelling.

Apparently all the airlines now want you to travel wid ya two long hands cause they charging left right and centre for big check in bag and they becoming more strict about the weight and size of the carry-on.

Is one time man used to travel wid two big valises looking like they could hold a dead body, not no boney dead body eidda a good size duppy and then still got a big big two tonne carry-on bag pack down dat dey used to squeeze up squeeze up in de overhead bin and you used to be sitting underneath saying lawd avest mercy I hope that this bin doan open midair and this bag catspraddle me as I sit in me tight seat.

Well dem days dun star!

Ya cann bring back pumpin and breadfruit and eddoe an two barrel a new zealand cheese to mek macaroni pie when ya coming from home nuhmore. Cause ya aint got de space. Mind you all them ting ya can find in Toronto if ya really look. actually ya doan even have to look that hard. Last week ah butt up pun some nice Pine Hill Dairy juices in my regular supermarket not even the Caribbean grocery then so I say boy tings well change.

But we continue chatting. I guess ya cant be carrying all sorta thing home for people now that ya bag tight up too.

An every manjack schupse.

Cause all a we have a story or two about carrying home some big heavy ting for some friend family or some thing that din wrap tight and leak thru all ya garnsey and bividee before ya get home.

Uh huh. I remember when I first reach Toronto I had a family member dat did want me tek my own tings out my bag so she could send down something for she pickney. We manage to get it in de bag widout me tekkin out my tings cause I din moving nuttin but the bag did real heavy and the last ting she say as I did getting in de airport car was 'ah hope ya doan gotta pay nuh overweight'. Well you shudda see how my face stan when she say dat! Ah doan think she talk to me for a good year after that boy.

And I remember a friend tell me bout how some random acquaintance bring some big heavy car patrt for she to pack in her carry-on. Like a 20 pound engine ting an get vex vex vex that she say no she not doing dat.

Dese people ave audactity when it come to asking to tek heavy things home for them ya kno!

But the one that took that cake for me was a few years ago. Friend asked me tek this lil package home for her cousin cause it urgent. Was lil light ting and she is a good friend so ah say nuh problem.

Carry the thing home and knowing this thing is urgent first day ah reach I call the cousin and say well ah reach, ah ave ya item and I can arrange to maybe meet ya in town wid it so that ya wun have to come all up to my house to pick it up.

Is me trying to be nice ya know. Hear de cousin. 'I doan go in town, I live in such an such a place'  Wha de?? Is how you mean you doan go in town? I bring this urgent package fa you all the way from Toronto in a foreign, overseas near 4000 km and you telling me I must come the extra few miles to bring it to you doorstep like UPS cause you doan go in town. chupse!!

You know if I go transportatioon to get by you? man you mekkin sport. 

Anyways I tell de cousin well alright then this is my address an this is how ya duz get to my house. You eidda find ya way fa de package or um wud stan hay.


VirginiaC said...

Wow boy I more than UNDERSTAND what you're talking about....dem days of "tek dis here fuh muh fren in BIM fuh me" done!!
Some of our countrymen have nuff gaul....I could tell you some stories but then I'd have to write an entire post.
From the time the airlines were only allowing you one free checked bag, I made sure that folks knew this. I would end up checking another bag which they paid problems there.

Guyana-Gyal said...




You sure is not Guyanese people you talking about????

The Guyanese people living overseas want fry fish pepper sauce shrimps and I don't know what else!!!

Yes, people does have de audacity to ask travellers to carry car-parts.

People...relatives!!! stop talking to me cos I say nah, I ain't carrying certain heavy items.