Friday, January 02, 2015


Man dese pickney nowadays, mine included like alot a ketchup.

I mean if I did feeling a ways I wud think that my cooking aint up to scratch and the chile need ketchup to mask the taste a my cooking but I realize it aint just my food he duz put ketchup on. And is not just he one but nuff a dese other lil children I see that duz be putting ketchup on everything their parents give them to eat.

Anyways I was having that conversation today about ketchup and I thought to myself ya know what Ketchup was a luxury for me growing up. nuh lie! The only time I used to use ketchup was on hotdogs and hamburgers and really an truly that was only if de ketchup was available cause most a de time we din have no ketchup at home.

So I start to think. hmmmm

See all dem fancy condiments dey have bout hayso now? I neva had nuttin so grwing up ya kno.

They had two condiments in my house: hot sauce and mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise was for the occasional potato salad and hot sauce was for everything else. I mean occasionally we might have some mustard too but see all a dis relish and fancy mustard and ketchup an ting. uh uh. not a bit a it!

You want sumting to put on rice, hol dat hot sauce
You want something to put on a hamcutter, looka hol dat hot sauce
fish cakes, hotsauce
1,2,3 hotsauce
hamburger, more hot sauce
chicken nuggets, hot sauce

Everything was hot sauce in my house. In fact I eat summuch hot sauce growing up is a wonder I doan breathe out fire now.....and no interestingly enough it has not led me to a life of rum-drinking as some people seem to say when they know you use alot of hot sauce.

But doan talk now like how I see my chile play he doan want a pieca lettuce or cucumber widout some fancy salad dressing. Salad who? Man we had lime an salt, put the salad in a lil natural pickle. dat was my salad dressing. All this ranch and seize-her and italian an dem sorta dressings. Man I din know bout nuttin so for a long time.

And Tartar sauce? Man I thought that was a made up sauce til I reach Canada a big man in my 20s. A sauce for fish, what happened to gravy or hot sauce? chupse

oh and happy new years to you all.


Guyana-Gyal said...

I LOVE ketchup, I eat ketchup with food instead of food with ketchup, haha, okay, I exaggerate a lil bit.

As for condiments, it was 'chatney', lime pickle and other Indian things for us. Still is, heh.

Mayonnaise is new, so is salad dressing.

My grandmother used to put vinegar and salt and peppa in cucumber and tomatoes for us. That was the best tasting 'salad' ever.

VirginiaC said...

Thank you for this lovely New Year's laugh.
It's a young people thing with the ketchup...happens here food is safe from ketchup. I think I remember ketchup on sushi once too.
I enjoyed this condiment story, not only did it strike home for me but I get a sneaky feeling your spirits are lifting as well.

Jdid said...

I'm trying Virginia, still having some rough days though.
GG yes salt and peppa as salad dressing simple ting but tasting nice nice