Monday, March 09, 2015

February dun

And not a moment too soon.

Every year at some point I'm pretty sure that I complain about winter but this past month lawd avest mercy. I'd have to say that February 2015 has been the coldest month I've ever experienced.

No thankfully unlike Boston and other parts of the eastern USA , we up here in Toronto were not drowned in snow but what we did get were some extreme cold days. In fact I think they said this was the coldest February on record since they started collecting weather data.

But thankfully that is all over and hopefully March will be a better month weather wise.

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VirginiaC said...

Very very cold record breaking weather up there and I'm glad that I'm here in Bim, although we are having some cold cold nights too.
Folks are pulling out duvets to keep warm at night.
The brisk winds in the day are chilly too.
Stay warm.