Sunday, December 04, 2005


I'm tired. Respect to all the folk who gave me greetings and to all those who came out for my birthday gathering. I felt the love. And yo what's with all y'all giving me alcohol? Not that I didn't appreciate the punch a creme, the rum punch, the wine and the bacardi black but are y'all trying to say a brother's a lush or something (but my words don't be slurrin, I never lose my balance)? I'm just playing man.

Anyway I realized I need to just ramble today cause I haven't actually sat at this computer and typed for a while and I got to keep the skills up.

I just wrote like 2 paragraphs on my writing and some stuff about being older and potential and failure and all that jazz but blah blah blah I don't feel like sharing so if a man cant get introspective when he rambles I'll retreat back into an old familiar spot.

Sports. Didn't get a chance to say big up to the TnT warriors for making World Cup 2006 in Germany. Also big up to Brian Lara for reaching his milestone as cricket's leading run getter. I'll be totally honest I'm not a big Lara fan but he's got the stats to show that he's great so I can give him his props. Too bad the whole International cricket team sucks. What is it with me and backing losers.

Speaking of losers. The C-raptors won back to backs (playing twice in two nights) for the first time since 2000. That's amazing considering they went into the back to back with a record of 1 and 14 or 15. Must say that although its not the best team it was refreshing to see them win. I find it hilarious when the reporters call Mo Pete a veteran though. Yea he's been around 4 or 5 years but still. Oh and I still think Sam Mitchell is a questionable coach though. Friday's win was made inspite of his antics in my opinion.

Its election time in Canada as our minority Liberal government was brought down. I don't usually chat politics but some things are funny here. (1) Why is it that every conservative leader in this country has like the slickest hair and no facial expression. They all remind me of Odo from DS9. Its like the Dominion trying to take over.
(2)isn't it funny that Paul Martin after kicking up fuss behind the scenes to get rid of Chretien couldn't even hold his government intact for a full year. The dude wanted to be PM from long time gwan and he got his wish but its just not working out as he wanted.
(3) what's with the NDP voting against the Liberals? Dumb move by Jack Layton. Jack your party historically sucks and you were in a position of strength in Parliament for the first time in years. You could have gotten some of your agenda through. You wont win any more seats this election in fact you are likely to win less, should have stuck it out and made deals with the Liberals because if the Tories win there is no way your agenda and theirs can work together.

Anyway enough rambling I'm gone.


BajanQueen said...

Rambling keeps you healthy!! *smile*

Feel free to ramble all you i'm learning is what you make it!!

I glad ya had a good time at ya party....I hope ya didn't get drunk!! Here's to many more b'days to come. :)


Dr. D. said...

Nutten wrong with a ramble still....It is far better than no post.

So, de bredrin dem drunk you? You'll survive man..... ;-)

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Happy belated Birthday wishes.

Rose said...

Sorry, I missed telling you this: Happy Belated Birthday to you, Happy Belated Birthday to you, and How old are you? Now I am singing to you the Stevie Wonders version....

Abeni said...

sounds like a hangover to me:)

Urban Sista said...

Boy, you! I di'nt know it did yur birfday! Man, have a happy belated birfday, yuh hear? An' how come I ein get nuh invitement from you? Huh?

Lene said...

happy birfday big brother.

ndp = lost. they are far left, and conservatives are far right. eediot ting dat. hahaha

obifromsouthlondon said...

mos def I need to step my soceer game up and big up Trini. achievement and hopefully consistent (seeing the failure of the Nigerias, Cameroons, and others). it's almost like a complete pass the baton for the black nations.

ramble on