Saturday, December 31, 2005

Auld Lang Syng

Well not going to overwhelm you with nuh lotta long talk today, I've done that enough over the past year. Just a quick shout to say happy new year to all of my friends in blogland and to all of my blog readers wherever you may be.

I wish you all the best for 2006.

2005 was a mixed bag for me but at least I'm alive at the end (well 15 hrs more to go so cross your fingers). Started off a bit rough ended a bit rough was a bit rough in the middle too lol.

Not making any resolutions for 2006, just going to see how the year treats me. No big plans or goals although life will be changed (hopefully for the better) when the yout arrive in February or March. Should be interesting.

Anyway Tomorrow is 2006 lets hope for a better year for everyone the world over and less pain and strife and natural disasters and violence than 2005. Take care everyone.


Abeni said...

All the best in 06.At least you got a bundle of joy to look fwd wiecracks now:)

Quirky Creativity said...

Happy New Year Jdid!
2006 is definitely something i'm looking forward to!
See ya nex' year!!

Poeza said...

Happy New Year Buddy. Continued blessings to you, the misses and the "new skul" Thanks for all the "edutainment" and we looking forward to next year!

ThandieLand said...

Happy New Year Jdid!

But I must note this is a record post for you. Shortest post ever?! Lemme see if you going to better it in 2006 :D

Ravenbajan said...

Happy New Year Jdid!

I'm glad that I found your site and I look forward to reading your blog in the year ahead.

Congratulations on the new bundle on the way! Next year is going to be an amazing one for you. Just wait and see! :)

BajanQueen said...

Here's wishing you all the best for the New Year J!!

Enjoy papahood when it comes, I know you'll be a great daddy! *smile*


Ri said...

Congrats on the baby.. catch up on the shuteye now.. and happy 2006.

ShellyP said...

Best wishes to you too!

Mad Bull said...

Happy New Year, Jdid! All the best, star!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

aim for march - a lot of really cool people, are born then! ;-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Peace an' love and good vibes to all.

Lene said...

happy new year and stuff...

Jdid said...

@abeni - ok no wisecracks lol
@lucian sister - happy new year to you too
@poeza - yes bredren thanks same to you
@thandiland - ha ha ha, good one, best wishes for the new year
@ravenbajan - thank you kindly, happy new year and its great to see another bajan in blogworld
@bajanqueen - same to you. great daddy? me, i dont know
@ri - i trying boy i trying
@shellyp & mad bull - same to you
@notyouraverage - march it could be lol
@guyana-gyal - same to you
@lene - same to you