Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year same ish

I mean snow that is. Woke up this morning and the first task of 2006 was to shovel. Doggone it man, I don't know how much more of this I can take. And its just the beginning of January with all of January, February and even March to come. Lawd ave mercy!

Actually I think winter and living in North America is taking its toll on me. Must be the cold and the snow and the lack of sunlight. Plus I've just been seeing a lot of my bredren and sistren from the islands who were living here make that move back recently. Interesting trend. I guess the land of opportunity and success isn't actually working the way its supposed to. Gives one pause for thought though. Maybe its a reverse brain drain or maybe it just proves that the grass aint always greener on the other side. Who knows!

Anyway New Years Eve was spent quietly in front of the TV watching various musical countdowns and reflecting a bit on 2005. Actually I reflected a lot less that I did in past years. Not sure why that is. Actually I probably do but that's a whole other blog which wont get written.

Been off from work for the past two weeks and go back on Wednesday. Let me say that this has been one of the times where vacation was really really welcome. I man was well tired, both mentally and physically, probably a bit run down too. Needed the break to recuperate and as such I really aint do much of anything these holidays. Just sleep and watch TV and a few movies and read and sleep and did I mention sleep, lol.

Lethargy kicked in serious time.

Must have left home like 3 times in the past two weeks but I haven't been bored or anything. Been in an anti-people mood too so Christmas was quiet. Just needed some alone time.

Anyway just wanted to get some not so coherent stuff out of the way for the new year so that's that. Oh wait a minute! Was going to chat about the blog a bit.

Well I'm all of a year and almost a half on this blog and I honestly never thought it would go on this long. Naa I aint quiting yet, well actually wont make any promises but no this aint a goodbye speech. Must say once again that I got mad love for all the folks out there who read this stuff and all those out there in blogland whose works I check. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole blog thing to tell you the truth. So many disparate points of views and so many interesting folks. And considering that I've only physically met like two bloggers so far its really weird how many of you I feel like I know intimately.

Also got to say I'm kinda happy to see the Caribbean 'raised' (cant say based cause a lot a we all over the place now) bloggers grow in numbers. No disrespect to the non-Caribbean people, I love wunnah bad too but I just feel a way to know that the Caribbean blogspere getting stronger.

But wait I sit down here to blog something entirely different and this is the stupidness I write! Oh well tomorrow I will write even more stupidness. :-)

Happy New year once again. Much respect to all who read this.



Wendy said...

Non-Caribbean but I enjoyed your blog anyway. Happy New Year!

nahmix said...

Happy New Year! Glad you enjoyed your time off from work.

Lambchop said...

Happy New Year Jdid!! And it aint stupidness!! LOL!


Radmila said...

Hey, at least the snow wasn't that heavy wet stuff that's hard to move...Happy New Year Jdid, to you and your family.

BTW, I'm happy to see more Caribbean bloggers too and I'm not Caribbean.

Quirky Creativity said...

Happy New Year J!!
There is nothing like well needed time off work. Glad you enjoyed your time off, and your quiet holiday season!
I luv the blog, and i'd also like to thank you for being my first "REAL" comment on my blog!
Thanks for the support and the words!!

4panist said...

happy new year to you to Jd. seems like you needed that vacation, sometimes rest is all we need.

'ka said...

happy new year!

it's cold already where i am now... i can't imagine how cold it is in toronto...

stay warm...

Quel said...

Happy New Year!

Caribbean bloggers rock! I'm goofy, I know. I'm married to a Vincy...he's not a blogger, but is always interested to see the W.I. blogs I run across.

Here's to a great 2006!

EJ Flavors said...

yeah i know i'm late, but here's to you and a great 2006, man!