Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well tired

This week was a blur hence the lack of blogs. I've been tired since last weekend and finally crashed last night.

Weather been real up and down +7C one day -18 the next. Enough to make a fella sick. Been doing some getting ready for this baby thing plus work just crazy at the moment so no rest for the wicked I guess. Anyway baby classes done so I may chat about that next week along with the whole TTC drama thing.

Raptors fired their GM. Not sure that was the best move as it seems like he was finally getting over the dumb moves he made last year. Last year he traded Vince for a bag of magic beans, he drafted Rafael Arajoa and gave Rafer Alston too much money which were terrible moves but this year he traded Mike James for Alston, picked up Calderone, send Sow to the D league where he seems to have developed a bit and picked up two decent draft picks. Just because his coach wouldn't double team Kobe and allowed him to pour in 81 last weekend isn't reason to fire the guy.

Ok well maybe that's not the reason but come on, the guy had a plan, we cant become the Detroit Pistons overnight, it takes time to develop a team out of the mess that was left here two years ago.

Makes the Raptors look dumber than usual. The clock is ticking on NBA franchises in Canada is all I'm saying.

Anyway everyone have a great weekend.


Guyana-Gyal said...

You not tired yet. Wait 'til baby come :-)

Campfyah said...

Enjoy the weekend and yuh rest.

Abeni said...

You better rest now for the baby start making his/her presence felt

Stunner said...

Get some rest man, mi need some right yah now! About the NBA, you just need to slip one time and you're never forgiven!

~b*b~ said...

i hear you on the tired thing - last night i did not move from the couch for 6 hours.

Rose said...

Enjoy the weekend and get your rest while you can. Babies changes lives for the better but until they get that night and day stuff together there will be sleepless nights. Sleep well.

Radmila said...

I'm no basketball genius, but I seem to remember Vince Carters always being injured, and always whining about something.
Doesn't that do something to morale, where teams are concerned?
I don't care much about basketball and I'll be the first one to tell you so.
But, I for one was glad when he left, if for nothing else than not having to hear his constant whining about wishing he wasn't here.
Mistake to let him go?
But, sports seems to be a minute by minute business where quick decisions are made in the haste to fix "losing streaks". Combine business with luck and lots of money.
But, what do I know.
Not much about sports that's for sure.

Yamfoot said...

when's the baby due?