Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Workout Plan

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and
Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this

Ok its not a New Years resolution. That out of the way I've been trying to workout a bit more often or rather start working out again. Yea I've been playing squash all last year despite that one traumatic episode (my best post of 2005 in my opinion) which hindsight says I shouldn't have blogged about since people that know me are still laughing at that one all like now, but I wasn't really working out.

Yes I tried to hit the weights a few times last spring but was unfocused so that didn't actually work out (pun intended).

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLet me explain myself and working out to you all. When I lived downtown, my gym was about 10 minutes away and I could go there in the mornings before work. It was great because I love morning workouts as there were very few people in my gym at that time as opposed to the crowds and mess of going after work. No long lineups for equipment, not a lot of muscle bound morons with bad lifting technique trying to pose off and either intimidate or attract attention. Just a few devoted people who really wanted to work out.

With me working out is like this huge object that I'm always struggling with. When I am working out I love it. I become the ultimate gym rat, I'm focused, I'm disciplined, I have goals, I have programs and I don't stop for anything. The workout momentum the adrenalin and the pheremones or whatever other little minute particles you work up in the gym just keep me going. My plan isn't to become super huge like Arnold or anything just be fit and healthy. I mean I don't kill myself, just go about three times a week (I too small and lose weight too easily to overwork myself), but I have routines and plans and I feel like I am king of the gym.

But Lawd help me if I stop going. When I stop going my bed duz feel too sweet in the morning and it is impossible to get me going again.

Well I'm in the I've stopped and haven't really done anything workout like besides squash and beat the occasional cricket ball around (boy I batting like Lara dese days, the men cant get me out!) in about 6-8 months now stage and its telling on me. Yea squash is nice and keeps me sort of in shape and at least stops me from huffing and puffing too much on the stairs but what little muscle I have has disappeared and y'all know I wasn't the biggest fella to begin with. Lanky I think they describe me as. That is just a nice way of saying boy ya back like it touching ya belly.

So I realized that I needed to go back to the gym a few weeks ago when I was feeling pain from regular activities. Like for instance, I was shovelling snow one morning and my shoulders started to hurt, then just before Christmas I was walking home with a big load of groceries and my arms felt like they were being ripped from the socket. Plus I realize that some shirts I had that was fitting me tight tight in 2004 now got me looking like some of them rapper fellas dat duz wear dem nightgown sized t-shirts. So I said to myself 'boy is time to start working out again'. I mean its not even like I can really blame the gym for my not working out anymore as I've had some free weights knocking around the house since every since. Its just like I said before its a momentum thing and when I stop its just hell to start up again.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo after working up the courage or rather strength to get the ball rolling, last week I finally went to the gym just to get started (Since then I've worked out three more times at home). Now I didn't try to play I was any big superstar at the gym either. Went into the weight room, took up some weights about half the size of what I accustomed to and said well lets just start off and get the muscles acclimatized to the exercises.

Oh as an aside one thing I noticed though is that gyms must use trick mirrors. Was looking in the mirrors in the weight room and I was looking all nice and muscular and then I get home and my mirrors even when I wipe off the dust I din see nuttin so. I like I need to buy one of dem gym mirrors for the house.

Anyway at the gym I was working triceps and biceps and quadraceps (but not the unoceps ask mac fingall if ya doan know) but not trying to kill myself cause I didn't want to pull or strain anything so early in the game. Well even with those precautions let me tell you that next day I was crying. I mean pain cant dun boy! My traps, my lats, my quads, my delts and even down by my belt was hurting me. Lawd ave mercy! Muscles I didn't remember I had and some I never knew I had were in pain. I almost that I had gone to a wrestling match with them WWF fellas or that the wife body slam muh when I was sleeping or something so.

Had to reach for the heat pad and all sorts of thing so and had me walking around limping and crying like a old man. Even up to today my abs are killing me because I started doing ab work with one of those big exercise balls and doing that just inflict more pain on my poor lil body. Poor me!

Oh well, no pain no gain they say.

But wait you know what I realize. I haven't had a good workout plan or schedule since just around the time I started blogging in 2004. Hmm coincidence?

p.s: 845am, First day back to work. just got in but witnessed an interesting altercation (ie people coming to blows) on the train complete with train delay and maybe charge of assualt on the way in. Will blog about it soon.


Sunshine said...

LOL Jdid-I hear yu bout the working out. It's brutal like you say to restart. Going through the same struggling getting back into the gym. Doan stop!

N~Control said...

Ohhhh I know how hard it can be just getting back into the swing of things!

Good Luck, and Stay strong Lol.

Shana said...

I'm trying to lead a healthier lifestyle as well . . .just blogged about it today. And just like you. . . I made sure to say that it wasn't a New Year's Resolution. . .lol. Good luck!

Amadeo said...

I've had some set backs to my work out, but I'm doing good on what I can bench...I should be farther along by now though.

Abeni said...

No pain-no gain,sonny boy.Exercise and me are not friends at all.Too much hard work

Dr. D. said...

Me need fe do suppem badly. Is a rass!

ShellyP said...

I have the same problem.

Too funny, though, reading about all the old man pains you felt! LOL

BajanQueen said...

I am feeling you on the working out bit.

Oh my...I myself want to get in shape and keep myself looking finnnnne, but to get there I have to work out and for the life of me getting the energy to do it is difficult.

Good luck and stay strong.


Inside Man said...

Starting from scratch is the worst. I think the holidays is the hardest time to keep a routine.

Scratchie said...

I know that pain. School has shot down my aspirations of being the world badminton champion...(yeah rooooight) :) I need to get back into it though but I don't see that happening before 2007 September.

Campfyah said...

Keep at it..getting past January and the new years resolutions gonna be the hardest part.

I started work out again in the beginning of Dec, trying to miss the NYears rush. So far it's been a constant walk/run in the park. Boy when I started to run is den when ah realize that ah getting old.

Anonymous said...

i'm having a hard time getting back into it - and i do it for a living! my quads were killing me, the day after i taught my first class, after a (much needed) week off! but i'm not fretting. i teach classes on the weekends and weekday's and my new thing is just to stay active (in any way - walking, sports - just moving) and eating healthy!

i'd love to say 'i can't believe it' (re: the subway incident), but sadly, this is what we're coming too. and people got issues during the early morning/rush hour commute.

Anonymous said...

Lamaze, lamaze, lamaze! Great exercise, and kinda appropriate right now:).

Ri said...

You are ahead of me I have not started the gym yet. Coincidence -I also play cricket & squash. Enjoy a fit 2006!

Quirky Creativity said...

man..... I need to get my membership back. Its been 3 months, a sista is 25 and this is when everything counts. I cant just eat what I want anymore! lol
Ironically enuff, i used to work out to "Workout plan" haha That song was pure energy!

Oh..and i look forward to the blog on the altercation you witnessed.

Mark said...

I know how hard it can be to get back into the swing of things. But after dealing with this issue many, many times with other guys – I do know the perfect solution…

Once your shirtsleeves start getting to tight - you’re hooked! Best of luck to you, and keep at it.