Monday, January 09, 2006

Game face

Its always interesting to wonder whats happening within someone's head. Around us everyday many people are dealing with issues and problems that others have no idea about. We are completely clueless to the heartbreak or the finacial woes or the illness of the person next to us at the bank machine or who opened the door for us at the McDonalds or even whats going on with the dude who sits at the desk next to you.

Most Relationships are superficial anyway. No one really cares.

Everyone has a game face, because , well actually because of a whole bunch of reasons. For one society wants us to be strong, for another everyone has a private side and doesnt want their innermost problems out there, and also most of us realize that even if its out there society still expects us to function as if nothing is happening unless its the rare extreme cases like a death or some severe trauma we are dealing with. Its all chalked up rightly or wrongly as all part of life and we cant really argue with that. Plus no one really cares anyway but I said that already.

Wouldnt the world be interesting if people removed their game faces or we could actually read minds.

The ironic thing to me though is that although society expects us to keep on these game faces while pretending that everything is ok if ever a slight crack in that game face appears then we are pestered with appeals to open up and share?

I think thats kind of weird but then again thats just my opinion.


BajanQueen said...

It's called hypocrisy!!!

We are all creatures of habit our patterns rarely change....if they do it's usually because of something that either angers or scares us...So our game faces stay in place until one of these events happen in our lives.

Great post by the way!


Campfyah said...

Do you really want people to take that game face off, especially many prominent people who try to make us, the average Jane/Joe feel like their lives are the cream of the crop?
It comes form too much pressure the society puts on us to always have it together.

Dr. D. said...

I understand your feeling here.

What crossed my mind, is that if we were all able to read the minds of others, the world is such a crazy place, and many of us do tend to get so 'caught up' in our own daily affairs, that many may not even give a fart if we could read the minds of others who may be enduring crappy times.

Just a thought.....hope it made sense....

Radmila said...

I think if everyone was pouring out their feelings all of the time, life and work would be unbearable.

Let's face it, when confided in by someone our natural reaction is to try to help (at least I imagine most people's initial reaction is that)...we would all be totally stressed out with the perceived burden of having to "do" something to lessen the hardship of other people.
Then comes in all of the natural human resentment and guilt at feeling that you are burdening others with your problems...oh no thank you.
I would rather keep my problems to myself, and so can my co-workers.
I already feel guilty enough that I can't save the world.

Amadeo said...

I love wearing my shades cause you see looks on peoples faces that you don't get when they think you're looking at them.

princessdominique said...

Someone mentioned shades and although my eyes are extremely sensitive to the sunlight I like watching people around me. Our game face protects us. So many people don't realize how they literally wear what they're feeling on their sleeves. Its quite comical at times.

Bill Jones, Jr said...

I've found that people want you to open and share the rough times, but when you do, they can't deal with it. What they really want is for you to tell them you're okay, so they don't feel bad for not getting involved. That's how I pick friends now... they're the ones who really want to know if you're not alright.

Nice post.

Abeni said...

Agree with Sable.People for the most part not really interested when you tell them how you really feel.Then they trivialise your feelings by telling you yo get over it so its easier to keep up the game face

Quirky Creativity said...

Hmmmm nice post!
Ummm i think i'm on the other side of the fence, where i think that people want to know whats going on in your life. Dey' be all up in da bizness!!!
lol but that could be due to the fact that that i'm personally a fort knox! lol Its hard to break thru the exterior. So people are always trying to get to know the girl behind the "gameface".
I admit i'm pretty guarded, and I am now trying to learn to be more open about what i'm going thru & allow people to get to know me.
Ok.. i'm fully blogging in your comment section.. I'll stop! ahah

But it would definitely diff to be able to read minds!! And eliminate the facade we as humans automatically play into!

'ka said...

omg... i have EXACTLY the same thought... that's why i love people watching. i look at people, and many times in my mind i wonder... what is that person thinking right now? is he going to work now? or is he going to eat? how is his day so far? did he have an argument with his wife? is he sad right now? is he happy?

:D people are interesting.... their thoughts, their actions... but there're things in others' life that are better left unknown by us... just stay away, as far as we can :D

Mad Bull said...

People surfing is cool. I have written about this myself. For the most part, people really don't want to know about your troubles. As they say, "Laugh and the World laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone.".

Scratchie said...

I think Kami and Sable have it down to the T.

Stunner said...

The world is a harsh cold place, that's why we have to keep our game face on. You have to hide your weaknesses because there is always someone outthere to exploit your weekness. I must admit that it would be interesting to know what's going on in the minds of others.

Anonymous said...

i think the game face, at least in my case, is that i don't want to bother/burden people with my problems. so when asked, everything is always 'okay'. i don't go into how i really am that day. and if i did, do people really have the time to say, 'hey - let me sit down and you can tell me all about it.' no. they gotta run or get back to work - so why bother them? and the fact is, that as human beings, we are selfish by nature. we are interested in other people's issues (why else do so many people want to know about 'movie star' lives), but if we've got our own (and who doesn't always have something going on, to deal with), then that's our priority and we don't really have time to sit down and listen to someone else's woes.

ThandieLand said...

Jdid..wha you want games faces removed for boy? Nobody would be able to do shit, to function...if you knew your favorite preacher was lusting after the 16 year old in the choir, your next door buddy brutalized his wife, your mum was blue way down deep inside b/c life had run her life or your spouse had serious doubts about your relationships ...You see most of what is concealed behind that mask is the bad, ugly the terrible... the good is already shared with you. Nah man, not even omnipotent God wanted that kinna hassle...that is why he gave us free will!

But it is an interesting thought I guess. :D

4panist said...

thing is, with some jobs, a game face is mandatory. If you are supposed to be helping people with their emotional or other s@#t and you can't hold it together yourself, what good are you?

obifromsouthlondon said...

my sentiments exactly. seems more of a western thing. I travel to work with the same set of people whose game faces never shift. a little love would go a long way (in utopia that is)