Monday, January 02, 2006

Eediat Ting dat!

Ah boy! I know I haven't done an "Eediat Ting dat" in a few months but well sometimes things just happen that so neatly fall into this category that well I just cant let them slide.

Not sure if you guys heard about this but the story can be read here. For those who don't want to check the link let me break it down to you as such.

This young guy, Hassan somebody or the other, 16 year old high school student in Florida, left his nice home in the USA a few weeks back and traveled all the way to Iraq on his own.

He had recently studied immersion journalism at school and decided he wanted to go to Iraq and immerse himself to have a better understanding of how the people there lived.

Now mind you although my yout's parents are Iraqi he was born and raised in North America has never been there and speaks not one iota of the local languages.

Did that stop him? Nope my boy buy a plane ticket to Kuwait, hire a taxi to go to Iraq, got turned back at the border, then called his parents who shocked that he was there convinced him to go to Lebanon to stay with some of their friends and then come back to the US. Somehow from Lebanon my boy ended up in Iraq where he spent a few anxious days totally out of place before turning himself into journalists or the army who took him to the US authorities and now he is on his way back to Florida.

Now before I give my take on this let me say that they claim he is an idealistic young fella. He was raised in a fairly rich household and his parents gave him a Infiniti worth 50Gs on his 16th birthday. I guess I could take the clueless rich kid angle here if I wanted then. He apparently was also pretty smart at school.

Anyway rich or not I believe the correct bajan term for this youngster would be 'poppit', 'johnny' or 'good pieca idiot'. That is the only way to describe this young man. Idealistic? Nope that fella head bad! Imagine I'm going to leave my nice little sheltered life in the US with my Infiniti car and my nice house to just on a whim go to Iraq. What was it Elephant man say "Mad sick, head nuh good!" Seriously that boy got issues, he needs medical help swiftly. I mean its not like he aint had internet access in the US. Research the place man. You read reports about bombings, kidnappings and the like in Iraq from numerous sources and you don't speak the language why would you just pick up, not tell anyone where you are headed and go there? Oh you had to see for yourself? You are 16 for crying out loud act your age instead of acting like a 10 year old. Supposed you had gotten kidnapped over there now what would you have to say for yourself?

I read that the parents say when he come back he getting grounded. He waste out my money to fly halfway round the world and all he getting is grounded? He wanted to be immersed in Iraq well if he had West Indian parents he tail would get immerse in some hot lashes when he reach back in Florida.

This kid acted like Iraq was some sort of exotic adventure, a safari of sorts. And they still claim he is smart? I guess it just goes to show as I always heard growing up 'Book smarts aint common sense'. Clearly this lad is lacking in common sense. Eediat ting dat!


N~Control said...

Oh Gawd I heard about this. I am with you, he needs a good swift kick in the ass, that's what he needs. but you watch, he might be grounded but his parents are probably half proud of their child.

Access to the money should definitely be monitored.

I wonder if his father might have sponsered him and played stupid. What do you think?

BajanQueen said...

This is news to me....I have to come on your site to read all the latest apparently!! ~lol~

I don't know if it was me if I could have done something like that....not sure if I would want to do something like that!!

It took guts that's for sure, but I will agree with you in saying no way was I leaving the US, my safe home, and all that's familiar, to go into a hostile country!! NOT FA SHITE!!


Stunner said...

Yep, only rich spoilt pickney do dem shit deh and can get weh with it.

Ravenbajan said...

What an idiot.

As my Granny would say "He ass need cutting!"

Can you imagine having access to that type of money at the age of 16? Poor little rich kid. Has lots of cash, but no common sense to go with it.

LivingSingle said...

Happy New year!!

I tell you what...if that was me flying over to Iraq, my moms would kick my rear when I got home lol. These dang kids are too spoiled nowdays.

Hasan Mubarak said...

It isn't the same case here. The guy has his roots in Iraq and it is still a place where millions are living. It's not a forbidden apple.

And I can wonder coz I have never been to my birthplace but still I feel an attraction to the very name of the small town I was born in. It's quite natural...

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-de buoy come from my hometown right ya so. I would say that that young man is very lucky not have been killed. I'd say he's a bit naieve and hoped he learned something from all this.

Dr. D. said...

Effin chupid rich pickney!

Radmila said...

This is a little boy who has been so sheltered and spoon fed that he has the confidence that nothing could possibly happen to him. He is special, precious. He's just one of a lot of kids who have been held in the palm of their parents hands and treated like such gold that the thought that everyone else in the world wouldn't just isn't a reality.
Frankly, he came out of it just like that too. Everybody chasing him around to save him from his own stupidity.
This is akin to the kid who did some stupidness in Singapore or something and was arrested and was shocked when they caned his ass. He didn't think that the laws of that country applied to him because he was a Canadian spoilt brat. His parents called in the media, and made a big point is that so many of todays middle class youth think that they are untouchable and no harm should or could come to them.

Guyana-Gyal said...

One of my brother's friends...NOT a rich fella, decided when he was a teen, that he was going to go to America by travelling through South America. He got as far as Columbia.

princessdominique said...

You're right. IDIOT!!!! There were no bikini babes...I just don't get it.

Campfyah said...

Money does mek yuh do a whole lotta foolishness. He coulda tek de sed money and donate it tuh de children in Iraq. Funny thing is nothing ein gonna happen tuh he..

Abeni said...

I give him some points for bravery still.

Quirky Creativity said...

lol I must admit... there is a strong correlation between money and foolishness!
Perhaps you should write a thesis on this J! lol

lol lets hope he reaches back to his yard safely, and with a tad bit more sense!

Brotha Buck said...

Oh yes, I heard about this. Immersion journalism...Were that my son, I'd ball up a newspaper and immerse him in some real hard core much so he wouldnt be able to walk. But, he's not my son.

Wendy said...

Grounded? The mere thought of having to face my parents when I got back would have made me forget this whole trip. Kids today live without fear.Surely his money, made him invincible. Perhaps his next course should be Common Sense... for DUMMIES